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We're new too


Cavy Slave
Apr 16, 2012
Our family just adopted 2 brother pigs we found on petfinder.com. They were at our local SPCA and the vet said they were healthy young adults but nothing else. Nelson is a smooth black and white pigie who is super friendly and very bold. Maddox is smooth red who is a little shyer but very cuddly too.

We are wondering about nail clipping and how long the teelth should be but other than than we are very happy with our new pigies and had fun builiding a 2x4 C&C cage from the instructions. Hoping to add a second level soon.

Melissa and four kids
Welcome to the forum. The boys sound lovely. It sounds like from your description that the boys are American short-haired pigs. We are photo crazy here so please post pics of them.
Thanks for the welcome.

I posted a picture called Snuggle Brothers in the gallery but I don't know how to link to it. I've never used a forum before.. just Facebook and Yahoo Groups and I'm still a little confused on how to put a pic in my profile.
Here's another picture of Maddox and Nelson. If anyone wants to point me to some info on how to put it in my profile I'd appreciate it!
[GuineaPigCages.com] We're new too
Welcome to the forum! I'm not computer savvy either, sorry. Go to "forum" and scroll aaalllll the way down to "administration" and click on "tech". Most answers are there, or you can go to the top right of the page and use the "search" box. I found most of my answers in "tech", tho'.

Nail clipping is nerve-wracking, because mine squeal like I'm cutting their toes off, not just trimming their nails. It's the same as any animal; locate the quick ( the pink part inside the nail), and trim right in front of that. If they have dark nails, you can shine a flashlight through the nail to locate the quick. Keep them trimmed short, and the quick will recede further, which is a good thing. Leave their teeth ALONE! Feed unlimited hay, and you shouldn't have a problem. The hay will wear their teeth down. Unless they are drooling, unable to pick up their food, their chin is stained from food, or they stop eating and are loosing weight, their teeth are fine. I know they look quite long, but they should be. Some vets think they should be trimmed, and end up doing damage. You can read here:https://www.guinealynx.info/teeth.html That's another great site for all things medical, and everyone refers to it often. Enjoy!
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