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Rabbits Welfare Wednesday - Have you room in your heart and your home for rescue bunnies?


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Jan 1, 2012
This week we want to ask you to rescue bunnies. In particular, support rescue shelters which have do such a valiant job, taking in rabbits whose future is uncertain, caring for them and trying to find them the right home.

One of these is Pawz for Thought which is based in Sunderland. Vicky from Paws says,

"Meet Jack and Vera.

These two are very much like an old married couple! They were brought into Pawz as a bonded pair and have fantastic personalities. Vera is approximately 1-2 years old, she likes to think she is the boss but Jack will put her in her place if she gets too carried away! Vera needs to know who is boss especially when it comes to the hair brush- but as you can see from her picture, the brushing pays off! Jack is of similar age to Vera and is a typical 'Jack the lad', he loves exploring and is very curious about the world around him. He's very friendly, enjoys a stroke and doesn't mind being picked up and handled. These two are a great bundle of fun, you could sit and watch them for hours. They are currently in an indoor foster home but could adapt to a large outdoor space. If your interested in adopting Jack and Vera please get in contact [email protected] or visit our website (broken link removed) for rabbits, small animals and even cats and dogs!

Pawz for Thought is based in the North east of England and does not have a rescue centre, it relies on the good nature of fosterers."

And this heartfelt plea from an owner whose changed circumstances mean that she is moving to Australia and is unable to take her beloved rabbits with her

"Sadly, we will be unable to take our two buns with us to Australia. It's all really come full circle really, as we took in our first bunnies following the relocation of some friends and then a rescue bunny, and years later, we now have to find homes for our bunnies... :(

I know I am taking a chance, but you wouldn't happen to know of anyone who would be interested in two gorgeous house dwarf lops (6 and 3 years) that are in perfect health (no illness, no dentals, full vaccinations). I have piccies galore that would steal your heart!"

If you are able to help with Jack and Vera, or with the lops whose family is moving away, or can offer a home to any rescue bunnies, then please get in touch with the rescue (or with [email protected]) and offer your help.

You may not be able to adopt nor to foster, but there could be other ways you can help...and it needn't be financial if times are tough for you too. Rescues appreciate practical support too...people who will fundraise for them, people who will clean out bunny homes. If you can do anything at all to help rescue bunnies, then please let the rescues know
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