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Welcome to our big happy family!


Cavy Gazer
Jan 25, 2021
My name is Alissa, and I have 3 young and loving Guinea Pigs. My first guinea pig was named Cheeto and he was a 3 month old male. He sadly passed away during a neutering procedure, which to my knowledge is very uncommon. However, before Cheeto passed he lived a very loving and happy life with his friends Aspen and TonTon. When I got Cheeto I wasn't aware of the reputation of pet stores and he was misgendered as a girl. Once we found out he was a boy we scheduled to have surgery. Aspen and Tonton, as we've recently discovered are pregnant which as scary and overall unfortunate as it is, given the number of Guinea Pigs that are available for rescue, is also a very exciting, and we hope to prepare for the babies stay with us until we can find them a very loving (hopefully experienced) homes.
These are Aspen and TonTon:
Aspen 4 months:
Welcome to our big happy family!
(we suspect she is further along)
TonTon 4 months:
Welcome to our big happy family!

Shortly after Cheetos passing I had to move in with my boyfriend and his family. My boyfriend was also a Guinea Pig lover and owned 3 girls himself: Roxy, Sugi, and Appa.
Roxy 5 months:
Welcome to our big happy family!
Sugi 5 months:
Welcome to our big happy family!
Appa 4 months:
Welcome to our big happy family!
We introduced them when I moved in: we didn't know my piggies were pregnant at the time. They all got along very well, and we made them a 36 square ft cage (soon to be expanded to prepare for the babies!). Still not knowing we had two pregnant Guinea Pigs on our hands we were presented with the offer to take in a young 6 week old female by a close friend. Her name is Bean.
Bean 6 weeks:
(It won't let me post a pic but I'll attach it)
We have now found out we are expecting and have a vet visit in this coming week. Because we haven't been to the vet yet, all we know that they are at least 35 days into the pregnancy. We are planning on keeping this as a recorder of our journey.
Here is Baby Bean (as my boyfriend and I like to call her):
Welcome to our big happy family!
I also wanted to include our piggies squealing for their breakfast salad:
(please excuse the dirty cage its cleaning day)
Welcome to the forum. All of your piggies are adorable. I will keep Aspen and TonTon in my thoughts for a safe delivery and healthy babies. I would also like to give you my condolences for your loss of Cheeto.

Please keep us updated when the babies are born.
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