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Welcome Barly


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Jan 13, 2012
I am so excited to show off my new piggie. I got her today from someone who posted a liter on craigslist. They claimed it was an accident litter from their two Teddy gp, and that they got the father fixed....but don't they all claim it as "accidents"?! Either way Carliee got a new sister out of it. I immediately took her to my vet to get her checked for mites, and overall health. They also took some blood and tested for some type of disease, I can't remember what now. She got an A+.
She is very cuddly, and absolutely has no intention of nipping. She is softer than my texel Carliee. Will her hair become rougher as she ages? Carliee has been very gentle with her. In the 4th picture she is cleaning her ears.
Here is some pictures of her in the cage.
Welcome BarlyWelcome BarlyWelcome BarlyWelcome BarlyWelcome Barly
She is adorable!
Thank you! I am so excited. When I got Carliee she was already a year and half, so this is my first baby.
Very cute! :cheerful:
Thank you guys! Barly is doing great today. I know this sounds stupid, but I can't get over how small and cute her little poops are compared to Carliee's lol
She's adorable. She looks like either a teddy or texel with some American mixed in because of the shape of face. Her fur probably won't get rougher but it might grow longer. It's hard to say. It looks like it has some curl to it so it might be more texelish than like a teddy. She's a real doll.. absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks @pinky. Yea, I was a little confused as well. I didn't get to see the parents, they just told me what breed they were. Once I saw her, I knew she was coming home with me. I was a little concerned they were breeders. They had me pay $40 dollars for her, instead of being concerned that she got a great home. But she is all worth it. Especially knowing she won't get used by them for producing more baby money.
I was a little concerned they were breeders. They had me pay $40 dollars for her, instead of being concerned that she got a great home. But she is all worth it. Especially knowing she won't get used by them for producing more baby money.

Please don't take offense, this is not an attack on you or your cute pig. I'm not trying to derail this, but this needs to be said for those who think they are doing right by pigs by purchasing from a breeder: $40 only encourages them to continue breeding. Perhaps this pig won't be "producing more baby money," but you can bet that this pigs mother sure as heck will be bred again.

That said, I do wish you the best of luck with her, she is REALLY cute!
I don't know if they were breeders or not. They claimed to have bought 2 teddy pigs and thought they were both boys. But I feel that most people who claim it's an "accident" are lying. It's just me making accusations.
Ah, I see. I suppose I made an assumption as well with the price. I've actually seen people try to rehome pigs for $150!

But seriously, what a cute pig! It looks like Carliee enjoys her new roommate... how are they getting along today?
People can be completely nuts LOL Thank you! Yes, Carliee loves her new friend. They have been chasing each other all day. I am constantly picking flying poo out of the carpet lol
She is a cutie. She doesn't look like a purebred teddy, though, so maybe they're just charging $40 to get back some of the money from the neutering. I adopted a mom and daughter texel pair. (The daughter looks like a mix.) I watched them on Craigslist for quite some time. It was a whole family. Neutered male, young male, mother and daughter. They claimed it was an accidental litter and they had the male fixed and wanted to make sure whoever took them had them on fleece. The two males went fast as a pair but the female pair were on there for a long time. He had them listed for $150, $100 and then he lowered his price to $50 for both, plus pigloos, carriers, all the fleece and belongings. It turned out to be a high school boy who just didn't have time to care for them but really took exceptional care of them. They were free range. I think he paid a lot for them and invested a lot in their care and wanted to get back some of his money. It might be something similar here, too.
Such a cutie! I love the last shot!
There are so many people that lie, you just never know what is the truth. It's very sad. I am hoping that you are right, and they just needed money for the neuter. I can't imagine the poor pig that would have to keep creating more babies for more money. I just don't understand people. Maybe we should make them have babies back to back with no hospital care. Then take their baby away and sell it for money. Gosh, how do people think that is ok?!
When I adopted my first guinea pig from a college boy who just wanted one (which turned out to be a pregnant female) he asked for 10 dollars, just because he had to try to repay vet bills from the pregnancy. So hopefully these people were also just trying to repay bills. She is adorable though; she has the same eyes as my little Nobu.
Very cute girls! A little off topic, but how did you make the hay box thingy? Can you post a picture of just that part so I can see how it's made and attached? I had a hay rack made out of a bent grid in the kitchen area but it took up so much room I moved it to the outside of the kitchen. Yours is the first picture I've seen with it on the outside but is WAY better than mine. Thanks! And the pigs and cage are lovely!
It's a hay rack from petsmart. It was only 4 dollars.
Thanks for all the nice comments guys!!!
What a great name, Barly....It is so exciting to watch an older GP with a baby. At least with Auggie and Mini Me it was so sweet, they were so gentle.
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