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General weird things in cage


New Member
Cavy Gazer
May 18, 2023
hello not sure if this is normal but these things have been appearing around the cage (found one just yesterday and now they're appearing?) and I have no idea what they are I don't think I've ever seen anything like this it seems like it's something from the hay but I've had this pack for a bit already and i haven't seen this before is it something they eat or? please help


IMG_20230519_054455.jpg IMG_20230519_054659.jpg IMG_20230519_054233.jpg
They look like they might be some kind of plant pod, but I'm not sure. I'd get rid of them, just in case they're not safe for eating.
Sometimes I will find sticks or other things after my pigs have eaten their hay and done their thing with it. You may notice weird stuff steaight away from the bag. Just pitch whatever it is, and watch what you pull from the bag.
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