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weird bump found!


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Nov 27, 2004
I was petting my piggie and i felt a weird bump on the side of his neck almost under his chin. I tried to look at it but i could get all his hair out of the way. When i touch it he doesn't seem to be in pain at all. Does anyone know what it might be?
A bump under the chin could be the starting of cervical lymphadenitis. CL is painful, messy, and expensive. I had to go through it.

Watch the bump and if it gets bigger or another one appears right next to it, get to a vet ASAP and get her on antibiodics.
Ok i cam going to try to move his fur so i can see what it looks like. I will keep a close eye on him. It doesn't seem to casue him any pain.
If it is CL, CL is painless unless it needs to be lanced.
Ok i am going to check him today. I tried to look at it again last night but i couldn't see anything i only felt a little bump.
You need to have your pig checked by a cavy savvy vet. If it is CL, it needs to be treated right away before it gets worse.
It doesn't really seem to be getting any bigger and i can't find any mroe on his body. I am going tot ry and find a cavy cet around here I don't know if there are any near me.
yea get to a vet right a way
Well i finally saw what it looks like. It jsut looks like a bump of skin therre is no red on it or any other colorings or marks, jsut skin. Is this what a CL looks like? I am looking for a specialty vet near me. I don't know where one is.
CL dosn't look like anything. It feels like bumps under the chin. Check mapquest and see how far Bolton, CT is from you. I know a good vet there.
Ok i will look right now. Thanyou The bump is mor on the side of his chin. (Just to clear that up)
It would take me about an hour adn 44 minutes. That is what it said on Mapquest. I am going to look for a vet near me but if i can't find one i will go there.
Mapquest over estimates so it might take you an hour and twenty minutes.

Malm, Kenneth DVM - Bolton Veterinary Hospital
Address: 222 Boston Tpke, Bolton, CT 06043
Phone: (860) 646-6134

You have to tell him Nova's owner sent you. He is quite good. Expect to pay about $48 for anything from a check up to minor procedures. Usually $10-$20 for ABs.
Ok i am going to look in the phone book for a et and call some of them and ask if they have any experience with guinea pigs. I i can'tfind anything then i will definetally go there. $48 is a lot of money but i will manage it for my piggie. (of course I have to pay!)
Well i found a vet near me and i am going to make an appointement with them soon. Hopefully will get him tot eh vet very soon. Thanks for all your help!
No problem! Remeber once surgery is done.. Prepare to seperate them.. Just to ensure that your other Cavy wont nibble or lick that area.

The turnaround time was in one day for me, so expect to pick him/her up within the same day.

Goodluck! and dont stress. Your Cavy will be fine.
I took Rusty to the vet today to look at the bump. They said it was a cyst and that it most probably will not go away. I felt really bad becasue they had to put a needle in it to get some fluid from it and he was squeaking really loud. I am just glad he is ok! Thank you for all your help!

Also, the nurse (person that came in before the doctor) asked about this website and I gave it to her because she has 2 guinea pigs that need homes. So hopefully she will get on here soon. She seemed really nice!
Glad to hear the outcome! Just give your piggy lots of love and care.

Do they have him on antibiotics?
They said he didn't need antibiotics and that it would most likely not go away. They told me that guinea pigs get these when they get older, Is that true?
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