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Weight Loss Weight loss - but NOTHING else?


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Mar 24, 2012
Yesterday I weighed my little Cinnamon and noticed she'd lost about 10-15 grams (she wouldn't sit still on the scale long enough for it to decide her actual weight) She's still eating, peeing and pooing like normal. She's not finishing her pellets every day but she seems to be eating more hay and all her veggies. Is this just because she isn't eating ALL of her 1/4 cup of pellets? Or should I call the vet?

*Her brother is eating and gaining weight like normal so I'm guessing it's not a URI or they'd both be sick*

Thanks for your input!!
That's really not enough of a weight fluctuation to worry about yet. A couple ounces (60ish grams) would be, but their weights will fluctuate (sometimes quite a bit) from day to day, especially if you aren't weighing them at the same time every day.
That's really not enough of a weight fluctuation to worry about yet. A couple ounces (60ish grams) would be, but their weights will fluctuate (sometimes quite a bit) from day to day, especially if you aren't weighing them at the same time every day.

I agree with Paula.

Pellets, hay, and water are the biggest tier in the piggie 'food pyramid'. Is your piggie possibly not eating enough of those?
Ok, this is a relief! I guess I just freaked out a little because they're SO young and always gaining weight that the first sign of a drop in weight freaks me out (Lightning got sick when he was only 2 months old and lost a lot of weight but he was obviously having issues). This is the first time Cinnamon's weight has gone down since I started recording her weight and it just freaked me out. I should note that I only weigh them once or twice a week when I'm changing out the bedding in their cages. She has been leaving some of her pellets in her bowl lately - before now it seems like they were always GONE and now there will be like half a bowl left when I go to refill it. I'm not sure if this is planning on her part so she isn't "starving" and grumpy like her brother when he doesn't get more pellets, or if she's ill and it's lack of hunger, or if she's just eating too many veggies. She's eating a lot of hay and still has decent expulsion so I guess I'll just keep an eye on her.

Thanks to you who came to the rescue to re-assure me!!
Now she isn't eating as much and she is pooing way less! There were only a dozen or so poos last night and usually there is a huge pile in the morning for me to clean up! I realized she started eating less when I started taking apart her cage to fix it... Right now her brother is in a different room so I have space to work on her cage. Yes I know it's taken me 3+ days to do the cage but my 4 year old won't leave me alone long enough to get it done... Anyway, my question is this: could the lack of eating be stress related? Or do I need to take my baby girl to the vet asap? (if it's just stress I'd rather fix the cage and get everything back to normal asap, rather than stress her more with a long car ride/visit to the vet...)
If I read it correctly she's eating her hay and veg but not the hard food, right? I have this at the moment with my girly, because her back teeth are turning inwards and growing some spurs.

It takes about 20 hours on average for food to turn into poop in a cavy so this could be a result of already eating less yesterday... if today is worse, then at least personally I would suggest a call to the vet. I always take a good bunch of parseley/dill with me for after the visit, much is forgiven after that ;) I don't think the cage would be enough to stress her out so much that she hardly eats, but the vet would know more!
She was eating less of her veggies and hay yesterday so I guess it's time to call the vet. :(
Luckily you have caught this relatively early! Feeding her some critical care or mashing up some pellets in water with some sources of vitamin C could be useful at this point just to make sure her digestive system keeps moving etc etc. Hopefully it's something mild and she starts feeling better soon! :)
Ok looking at it from that point of view I guess I'm wrong and this could be stress related (thanks Spydoc, I didn't realise that also smaller cage changes could cause this much stress! Good to know!). I may have underestimated how much change you are putting to this cage?

However what concerns me is that it could also be something else such as teeth problems or impaction so I don't know if relying on Simethecone would be the best option as it can only tackle mild gas build up. If the problem is so bad that it is affecting the eating patterns I don't know if you should risk only doing a home treatment, to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an expert as I'm basing this on what I've seen in my rabbits for 10 years, but this has always been a vet-type problem to me!

I took her to the vet on the 15th (it was a LONG day as was yesterday thus this is the first chance I've had to post). Her appointment was at 3:30 so I spent the morning and early afternoon trying to get her cage back to "normal". It still isn't 100% because I need my husband's help putting the 2nd cage on top of the first but I won't have any problems with it coming apart again - at least I shouldn't because I spent hours hot gluing the connectors (went through 4 or 5 glue sticks) and used a TON of zip ties, I even color coded them so I could make sure EVERY one was zip tied to the right parts and I didn't miss anything.

At 3:30 I took her to the vet, she was poked and prodded and grumpy - she even bit the vet tech because she didn't like how the vet was messing with her fur (to check for mites/dry skin). The vet said everything looked/felt/sounded normal and it was probably the stress of messing with her cage combined with the fact that her brother was in a different room for 3 days that caused her to stop eating. The vet recommend I let her see her brother and move his cage into the same room as her asap. When we came home she sat on the floor outside her brother's cage for a good 30-45 min before I put her down in her cage and then moved her brother's cage into the same room. Tonight I have to get her brother's cage put back on top where it belongs.

Cinnamon still isn't eating as much as she typically was before this all happened - but she's eating more, pooing more, and gaining weight. I think once her brother's cage is stacked on top of hers she'll feel more secure...

Here's what the cage looked like before I tore it apart (literally I took apart the bottom two levels - put them back the exact same way as far as the piggies were concerned - I changed my storage to get the most out of it)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?

And pics of Cinnamon visiting Lightning from outside his cage:
Lightning trying to reach Cinnamon through the grids...
[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?
Cinnamon trying to gnaw her way into the cage... not so successful
[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?
Kisses!! Too cute, even if they are brother and sister!!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?

Well hello there! Cinnamon actually let me take her pic, kinda up close (I zoomed in a bit too)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?
I just had to share this one last picture

[GuineaPigCages.com] Weight loss - but NOTHING else?

The hand in the pic is my husband's. My skittish little Cinnamon won't even come out of hiding when I have veggies in hand to feed her but after the vet visit, she was on the floor and my husband laid down next to her and held out his hand and she actually came up and bumped her nose against his finger! It was TOO cute and I actually got a pic of it, this is actually the 2nd time because the first time she backed away before the camera snapped the pic. My hubby who didn't want ONE guinea pig, let alone TWO is bonding with them now! YAY!! Cinnamon might become his little baby...
The pics are just too cute!

Now you don't think I'm crazy, do you? They are such sensitive little souls. I'm happy that things are getting back to normal for Cinnamon. Hugs and kisses from Chester!

Thanks! I didn't think you were crazy!! I was hoping it was just stress too, but I knew when I saw that she wasn't eating ANY veggies, or much of her hay/pellets and when I could count the number of poos in her cage for a 12 hour period and there were less than 20, she was in danger! She usually has a pile of poos waiting for me in her cage every morning, it was scary to see practically none in there! (Who ever thought I'd be happy to see poop?!)

I'm thankful I didn't have to spend a TON of money at the vet (just the $45 to see the vet) and I know that her cage won't come apart again, so we shouldn't have this particular issue ever again *fingers crossed* I finally got the 2nd cage stacked on top of Cinnamon's cage and she was popcorning across her cage like "ha ha, you can't catch me now... I'm so happy" lol

I expect to see no veggies in the morning and a ton of poo!! :p
You might want to check he teeth to make sure that there not to long, as it would make it uncomfortable to eat.
Just for the record I also didn't think you were crazy (not at all, as I had no idea as said before) and I'm happy that the little one is a happy piggy again!
The cage looks awesome btw :) Hope you find lots of poops!
You might want to check he teeth to make sure that there not to long, as it would make it uncomfortable to eat.

Thanks, the vet said her front teeth were normal, she'd have to put Cinnamon under anesthesia to check her molars but since it appeared to be stress related she didn't want do that unless she didn't start eating more. I bought some parsley after I went to the vet and she is chowing down on that....

@butters Thanks!! She's eating her pellets and hay and veggies, and there are LOTS of poops!
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