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weighing down food bowls


Cavy Slave
Feb 1, 2004
weighing down food bowls

My gp keeps knocking over her food dish and spilling her food!! Any ideas on weighing them down or heavier bowls will be appreciated.

thanks, jcavy;)
Re: weighing down food bowls

My piggies used to do that. To solve the problem, I got heavy ceramic bowls and one of those ferret corner litter boxes. You set up the litter box in the corner and place the bowl in it. Mine fit just perfectly so that my piggies couldnt tip it over. -just an idea!
Re: weighing down food bowls

maybe if u get like a rock or small piece of brick(big enough so they dontl like eat it something) and put it in the bottom..maybe that will work?
Re: weighing down food bowls

I use food bins. They are pretty big, and I fill them up with food from opening the top. It's so heavy, the piggers never knock it over. :)
Re: weighing down food bowls

I bought a bowl meant for dogs for my pigs. The bases is larger than the top so it's impossible for them to knock it over. It's made from stainless steel too, so very easy to clean :)
a thought

A bowl recommended was the soap dish, the kind that has no slots and the base is hollow. The base could be filled with a plaster or even a small batch of ready crete would be best, less likely to crumble. This would weigh it down good. You can find the soap dishes at any garage sale or thrift shop for less that $1.
just started selling

Petsmart just started selling (finally!) the perfect no-tip small animal bowl (up until now, I was using cat and reptile dishes to prevent turning them over!) . THe best part is that they're REALLY CHEAP!
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