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"WE LOVE PETS" . . .NOT!!!!


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Mar 23, 2005
this is the account of the petstore "we love pets". I went there with my aunt, used to work in a vets office, today to buy pig supplies . . .waterbottle, bin feeder, hidey house. I have never been faced with anything like that until today. i have heard about it on the forum but never witnessed what it was like in person.

the pig cage housed 2 pigs and i rabbit, 2 x the size of the pigs. the cage was an aquarium. Kids were huddled around it for a good reason. One of the pigs was dead in the corner. I have never had that sensation in my stomache before. I felt like i was going to barf and choke at the same time.

I run for a worker whicch comes, takes the dead cavy out with his bare hands, says"he was alive just this morning", and walks away. I walked out came home, wrote a letter, printed cavy care packets and puppy farm articals, they sell puppies too, and mailed it.

What else is there to say, you all have heard this same story many times, some of you have witnessed it first hand. To those of you who have not, you most likely will oneday, and when you do, it is a cold, hard smack in the face. I am asking everyone to do something about it. To see a poor animal dead in a cage is the worst sight i have ever seen. I was so close to buying the other pig and bringing him/her to a rescue. He/she looked like it was so sickly and ill, almost about to die.

I can not explain to you what that was like today. Grown adults choose to work at a place like that. I can't understand it. I am 14 and i will never ever support that store, or work at any petsore.
You should call the SPCA or Humane Society and report this store. It sound like they could be breaking laws.
^I agree with VooDoo. Chances are they're commiting a crime. We have a few pet stores like that around here, but there are no dead animals, so they aren't really breaking ay violations! Bunch o' BS, if you ask me.
That is awful. Definetily report them, and don't shop at pet stores that sell animals again.
What a shame you couldn't get some proof like a photo or something.
Do any of you know the laws that pet stores in PA must abide by? or where i can get them. I would really like to follow up on this!
One way to get their attention and force some changes is to get some media attention involved if you can. If you can convince some of your friends and or adults to do an informational picket outside the store and notify the media (papers and tv) that it is going to happen most of the time they will show up to it. Its a catchy story for them "14yr old organizes picket of local petstore over abuse".

Mot shopping there is good but does not have much "direct" effect if that is what you are after. The store doesn't even know they are losing business so it does not have a direct impact on them where as negative media attention tends to get their attention.
I thought it was illegal to sell cats, dogs, and large birds in pet shops?
It's not illegal (at least in some states) to sel cats, dogs, and large birds in pet shops.

I went to this one pet shop and the pigs had a real good cage it was like a 3x3 and there were 2 pigs in it.
They are opening a new pet store in my city. Like we need another one. We already have 3 and only one of them is good and sells no animals at all. Well this new one sells all animals, dogs, cats, rats, gp's, hammies, birds....etc...It iw one fo the worst chains. So I guess in CA it's not illegal.
I thought not selling cats, dogs and large birds was a voluntary thing on Petco/Petsmarts part. They also don't sell bunnies, ferrets, chinchillas or degus at the Petsmart around here.
Oh, I guess I thought I heard wrong then from others. I'm happy the pet stores here don't sell dogs or cats, but last time I visited (months and months ago), they had large birds.
the pet store that I go to only has adult cats for adoption from the humane society there and no dogs at all. they do sell gps and bunnies and other critteres and for some the cages are no very big- like all the male mice they had in one and another had all the females (they had like a 1x1 cage each if you used cubes), the hampster there are good thought they only keep one per cage but they too are only 1x1. Superpet ( the store) they do have this cool part thought- they have a nursery for all the birds! one of the staff members takes each bird out at one time and they have this huge room filled with toys, learning things and stuff. I don't know bird language but they seem happy. They do have budgies and some other small birds that don't get to go in this room, but all the other "Big" birds do. Also they don't sell the big birds they are just they for show ( not in a bad way) if anyone wants to get on of the big birds then the people at the pet store tell you a respectaful breeder to go to (they usually have to sign a contract too get one too form the breeder).

Well sorry this is so long- just thought that I would let you know that their are still some decent petstore out there that do care about the well being of their animals.
No pwt stores care about the well being of their animals- if they did- they wouldn't be selling them to anyone that could pay the money.
well what about all the pets in the newspaper- they are just selling them to make money too. I mean if they have PUREBREED puppies for sale, no breeder that cares sells them in a classified ad. I work at a vets and from all the breeders that our clinic tends too NONE have to advertise there puppies, they are all sold to people that have researched that breed or have contacted them when recommened from friends/ family.

so really waht you are saying is that all the people that have pet ads in the paper should be punished too right for selling their pets- and that means that they don't care about them either?
tinkerbell said:
so really waht you are saying is that all the people that have pet ads in the paper should be punished too right for selling their pets- and that means that they don't care about them either?

I have no idea where you got that but I will try to explain it.

People that offer litters of puppies for sale, or people that have intentionally bred their pet should not be supported, and the animals should not be purchased.

Somebody who is trying to rehome their animal is not a breeder- therefore it is okay to rehome this animal- adoption fees are required so that somebody will think before the rehoming (I want a free puppy!) or to ensure that small critters will not end up as reptile food.

The latter generally always care where the animals are going. They look for good homes for their pets. Pet stores don't give a crap if their animals are going to a good home or even for reptile food- it is all about profit.
I'm sorry now that I have re-read my post and yours I don't know what the hell I was trying to get across. I think that I just had one thing to say and instead rambled on about it. sorry but I think you kind or get my point and I respect yours to.
There is also the sitiualtion of an accidental pregnancy. They do happen and people do rehome animals on thier own. The paper is one way of doing it.
Oy!!!! Wow ok, so we have a chain pet store in town, Super Pet. I'll do a run-down of what they sell: Skinny Pigs (many), Regular Guinea Pigs (usually have about 50 at a time), Rabbits (I know the breeder, but still doesn't make it right), hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, and chinchillas, hedgehogs, flying squirrels and Prarie Dogs, rats, mice, and some other type of animal they take off the Alberta Praires and breed, to make a semi-wild animal. This covers the 'Small Animal section'....
McCaws, Cockatoo's, Finches of all tpyes, Budgies, Canaries, Parrots, I know I'm missing many here. They sell alot of parrot, and mcCaw style birds...
Canary Singing Guarantee

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]We guarantee our male singing canaries to sing in your home. Since it often takes a while for the bird to settle in and become comfortable enough to start singing, the guarantee takes effect one month after your purchase date. Should the canary not sing after 30 days, but before 60 days, return it along with your receipt and we will be happy to exchange for another. A complete version of this guarantee is provided when the canary is initially purchased. [/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Taken off their website.^^^[/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]'Reptiles':[/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]They sell all sorts of Reptiles, Snakes, Lizards, Geko's, as well rodents to feed them with....[/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This is the biggest Pet store in our city so far, BUT.... we are getting a PetCo this year as well.... it's a real shame, I think from this the laws are different. (broken link removed) This is the site to the one locally here, it's really sad.[/font]
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Thanks for listening to my rant....[/font]
it makes me sick. thats all i can say. i wrote a letter to "we love pets" with the cavy care pamphlet from cavelynx and an article from peta about puppy farms, as well as my letter. i wrote it last thursday, no response so far. . .
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