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We have guinea pigs again!


Cavy Slave
Jan 22, 2012
Hello! We have guinea pigs again after a 7 year period. I'm amazed how much more care information is a available now. I've had about eight of them in my lifetime, and reading all the current do's and don't's on this site and guinealynx, I'm surprised they survived all the wrong things I used to do! Anyway, I'm glad there is so much help around now, and I'm keen to do all the right things for our new family members Luna and Ivy Bean. They are rescue guinea pigs so we don't know much about them except that they are about a year old. We have had them for a week, and they are slowly getting over their shyness and their personalities are beginning to emerge. I built a 2X4 C&C cage, and I'm planning to add a mezzanine. No photos yet, but soon. Looking forward to participating on this site!
Welcome and congrats on your new family members :)
Hi and welcome! We are addicted to pigtures around here so if you have any of your piggy please let us see it!
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