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we got her a room mate and she didn't like her!!!!



we got her a room mate and she didn't like her!!!!

We got a GP 23 days ago, her name is Pepita, and she looks very healthy, She likes to be petted but not picked up at the bigining , but she gets use to it and enjoys it after its being picked . The problem was that we felt she was to lonely because she hides in her house most of the day!!, she runs and pop corns at night and at that time she gets floor time and she loves it!!! Today we got her a room mate, is a girl too, but Pepita didn't like her!!! she bitted her so we have them in two different cages but I will like them to be friends or at least that Pepita don't attack her!!! I put the two cages together so they can see each other but they can not get wounded, can you give me some ideas?
Please what can I do?
(Sorry for my English, it is my second lenguage)
Re: we got her a room mate and she didn't like her!!!!

How big is your cage? Space will help with successful introductions. You may also want to introduce them to each other on neutral grounds. Somewhere that will cause them to look to each other for comfort and security. A lot of people use a bathtub, be careful of a draft, but you can do it anywhere. Also be sure that they are both females. As long as there is no bloodshed there is no reason to separate.

Also the cage should be large enough for you to offer more then one hidey house, water bottle and pellet bowl. It sounds like you didn't quarantine the new pig? Is that a correct assumption? Good luck.
to Briana

Thanks for the advise!!!!!!!.....at first we buy a cage the ones they sell in a pet store.... to small, but I found cavy cages at the second day and at that minute we went to buy the supplies and build a 2 x 3 she love it!!!, now we are going to enlarge that cage and build the second floor!! BUT......they have to get along first...., you are write I didn't quarantine the new pig, but I got them from the same place and they were together 23 days ago!!! , they are both girls, we made the mistake of puting the new pig directly in Pepitas cage.... but we put them today for 1 hour in top of our bed and looks like Pepita is going to be the boss, there was no blood but Pepita doesn't aloud her to even sniff at her but Pepita sniffs and give her little sudden bite to the face but there were moments that they ignore each other and the new GP starts following Pepita, I'm going to try and put them in the bath tub ( I had to wash al my bed clothes after last try!!) my questions are.....
How long do I have to put them in the introduction place?, should I let them there a long time? When will be time to put them in Pepitas cage? at night do I keep them separated?, Pepita is very mad at us since yesterday we have give her special attention , petting her holding her more but she is mad... She bites!!!!
thank you so much!!!!
Re: to Briana

Well I'm glad to hear you built a 2x3 - the more space the better! You may want to look into treating your pigs for mites. Pet store pigs often have mites when first purchased. I don't know if you got them from a pet store but just warning you. Mites are very painful to pigs. Hair loss and itchiness are symptoms to look out for.

It does sound like Pepita is going to be the alpha pig and that is perfectly fine. It sounds like they did pretty good on your bed, even if you had to wash your sheets.

Keep them in the neutral area as long as you think is necessary. I'm guessing that you should need any longer then a hour. When you put them in together do not interfere with them. Just sit by and watch. If you keep separating them they will get confused and slow the bond process or cause them not to bond Again, only separate if there is bloodshed. Nipping, biting and mounting is normal. And double check and re-check and make sure they are both female.

Once they seem bonded you can put them in the cage together. You may want to clean the cage and move any hidey houses, bowls and bottles around. Clean the cage well and remove any smells. You want to make the cage new to both pigs. That way, hopefully Pepita won't try to protect her territory. As long as the pigs are getting together there is no reason to separate. Let them work out their difficulties and only separate if there is bloodshed.
they are grate now!!!... but I still have a question

Thanks for your advise!!!! we put them in the bathtub and after a few pushing and bitting they start shearing food....they were eating from the same piece of apple!!!!

So we start cleaning up and changing everything in the cage, we put a different kind of bedding too so for Pepita and Kitty was a new place!!! they spend the night in the same cage and there was not a single problem and today they are good they even did a couple of popcorning in the morning when we put their salad.

I have a question regarding MITES, what is mites? is it a small bug like a flee ?

Pepita doesn't loose any hair, but Kitty does, but is her hair loss looks normal to me there are not spots were she losses hair , they are abisinians I think with a family member of Peruvian they do not have to much crest in their bodie but their hair is soft and about 1 inch and 1/2 long, is it normal for Kitty to loose a few hairs,she looses it like dogs when the lose hair once in a while, or could be mites?

If it is mites can I buy the medicine somewhere or I have to take them to the vet?

Thanks Briana for all your help!!!
Re: they are grate now!!!... but I still have a question

I'm glad to hear they are starting to get along!

A mites is a microscopic bug that burrows into the skin of a cavy. They cause itchiness, hair loss, and cause your pig to look as if he has dandruff. They are very painful to cavies and can cause death is serious situations. Go here to read more about mites - (broken link removed)

You can treat mites by yourself but only if you feel comfortable doing so. To treat for mites you need 3 doses of Ivermectin 7-10 days apart. If you decided to treat them yourself be VERY careful. Too much medicine can cause an overdose and possibly death. To read about purchasing your own Ivermectin and how to use please read here - www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html

If you need help with the dosing please visit (broken link removed) The people on this board are very blunt and to the point. Their main concern are the pigs and helping to keep them happy and healthy.
I treat them for mites

Thanks again Briana!!!, I did the study about mites and ivermectin, I started treating them because I found that Kitty had her skin like rough next to one side of her lips and there was some hair missing and looked like dry skin.

So I will like to know how long does it take to the ivermectin to start showing progress on my little girls?
I know is a 3 times treatment, but I was just wondering.

They are getting along very good now , Kitty follows Pepita were ever she goes, and eats what ever Pepita is eating!!!

Once again thank you Briana!!!!!!!:D
Re: I treat them for mites

Good I'm gald you decided to treat them. They will be very thankful once the mites are all gone. Did you made extra sure that the doses are correct?

Usually after the 2 treatment you will notice results. It does take 3 doses but sometime it can take as many as 5. If they seem fine 7-10 days after the 3rd treatment then the mites are probably gone.

It's great to hear that they are getting along. Most pigs will great along, it all in how you introduce them. You sound like a great cavy slave!! Your pigs are lucky to have you.
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