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ways to stop piggies from digging under fleece?f


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Nov 10, 2011
I don't like the idea of bricks on the side, it makes the cage feel small. I tried throwing in a sheet of fleece in their cage in hopes that they'll hide under that instead, but it didn't work. I have three piggies, and one hidey. May be if i get them two more hideys, they'll rather use that.

So what kind of hidey could closely mimic the feeling of being under their bedding. I also have a tunnel but I feel like they're getting bored of it.

Any other ideas? :)
I saw this, and I would like to know too...even though they had a perfectly large enough box house, and I tried the extra fleece to burrow under, and securing the sides of the fleece, I have to confess that my two newest adopted girls have spent the last few days tunneling under their floor like sand rats...it's just permanently like a cover over their cage, and they come out at the edges to drink and eat and spy on their neighbors. It's at once humorous and ridiculous, and I'm so excited for their checkup on Friday so I can finally introduce them to their new friends and everybody can be living on top of their fleece in a new big enclosure.
I have two boys (out of my seven) that are the worst at digging under their fleece. It's EXTREMELY annoying and not one thing i've tried has worked. They WILL find a way under there.

I've done - pigloos, fleece forests, draped fleece curtains, extra large pieces of fleece, tunnels, you name it, and all combinations of these things. They still find a way under although I have secured the fleece to the sides as best I can... and I stay aggravated about it! I haven't tried bricks yet because I also feel it will take up too much room. and with these boys, i'd have to line every side with bricks!
With three guinea pigs you should have a hidey for each of them. Four hiding areas would be even better.
My Moo did this at first too, then i took the fleece out and put a different color in a few months later and he didnt dig, if you havent tried this already try not clipping the fleece to the side of the cage and instead just tucking it under. For some reason it made Moo stop digging maybe it made him feel more secure :)
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