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Crusty Eyes Watery red eye


Cavy Slave
Aug 8, 2011
I adopted Phoebs a couple of months ago from a friend, as her other guinea pig died and she didn't want to get another to make up the pair. I already had two so Phoebs joined the herd. She's always had slightly watery eyes, her previous owner said that she's always like that (Phoebs is about 1.5 - 2 years old).

I noticed this evening that Phoebs' eye is a bit crusty and more watery than normal, and the bottom of one eye looks quite red.

Watery red eye

I'm going to take her to the vet tomorrow, but I thought I'd check here and see if it's anything to really worry about!
It's hard to tell with that photo, and black guinea pigs are notoriously hard to photograph, but it looks to me like pea eye. Take a look at https://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html#pea and see if that's what it looks like.
It can also be conjunctivitis. The crustiness tells me it's more than just a prolapse of some type. I recently took in a guinea pig with a prolapsed eye lid. There was no crustiness, just more of a pea eye look to it. It's hard to say how it happened but the lid was inverted on the inside corner of her eye. The vet's first reaction was pea eye or cherry eye but it turned out to be a prolapse which is all healed up now. The vet gently pushed it back but also checked for abrasions. He had me use a sterile wash to rinse it well before applying an antibacterial ointment. I'd definitely have a vet check it because of the crustiness. Conjunctivitis is very contagious to you and other pets.
Thanks for your advice! I'll def take her in tomorrow, I've got the day off work anyway which is quite handy! I always wash my hands after handling the pigs, but I hope she doesn't pass it to the other two. I'll keep a close eye on them! I've still got her cage that she came in (my friend kept her in a conventional small cage - all three now live in a 2x5 C&C). If she has got conjunctivitis, should I keep her in that until she's better?
The others are already exposed if that's what is it so I don't know if it would make much difference separating her. Please keep us updated on how she's doing. You're a good piggie mom to take her in to see the vet.
I'm back from the vet, Phoebe has conjunctivitis! Poor girl :( I've got some ointment for it, I need to apply it twice a day for 5-7 days and go back if it's not better in a week. The vet put some dye in her eyes to check for scratches etc, and there's nothing there, phew :D I'll probably keep her with the others as they're already exposed, as Pinky said. I'd feel bad keeping her in her little cage anyway, she likes a run about :D
I'm glad it's nothing more serious. Good thing you took her in!
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