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Mattress Pad waterproof mattress protector

yo yo

Cavy Slave
Nov 7, 2010
Hi, will a waterproof mattress protector be fine to use under the fleece
it says on the packet absorbency breathable waterproof laminated pvc backing
pile cotten base polyester
backing pve
skirt polyester
i got it from target but want to make sure it will be fine to use b4 i do
You might want to use towels between the fleece and the mattress protector for extra absorption. I just use fleece, towels, and then a shower curtain to make sure it doesn't reach the floor.
You don't want a waterproof mattress protector, because you want it to absorb the urine that gets wicked through the fleece.
oh ok so whats the differents between mattress protector and mattress pad i want to sew them altogether
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