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General Water bottle??


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Feb 11, 2012
Was wondering if someone can give me ideas on buying a water bottle that doesn't leak. I have tried a few but they all seem to just drip and drip. Any ideas or names and where I can get them please

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I haven't had problems with any bottles. As long as they are initialized correctly, they should work fine.

I use just a plain PetCo sipper.
I can sit there and watch the water just drip out. It is position correctly and everything. It's been both of them so far that I have bought. So that's why I figured I would ask for some recommendations.
Do you make sure to fill it completely full each time? You need to create a vacuum to prevent the water from leaking.
Yes I do. And make sure there isn't any air at all in it. Does it help if there are 2 metal balls in the spout or just 1 ball?
If you squeeze the bottle while you are twisting the cap on and then stop squeezing it when the cap is fully on creates a vacuum and usually stops the bottles from leaking. When you stop squeezing the bottle, it makes a hissing sound. It works for me.
I went to the pet store after reading up on water bottles-spring loaded balls, non spring loaded, blah blah blah. After returning 2 for leaking, I made the manager stand at the sink and try each one til we found one that didn't drip. Amazingly, the cheapo bottle from Wal Mart has never given me any problem at all.
@fizzlepop I never tried that. Thanks for the info. Will give it a try:)
@Petlovr yeah I bought the first one from a pet store and paid good money. It had a spring in it I believe and leaked horribly. So this last one I bought at Walmart. It is lots better but still drips. So I will try what fizzlepop suggested and go from there.

Thanks again for all the help. Love this forum!!
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