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Water bottle Issue


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Aug 15, 2011
Hi All,

I am wondering what to do with my Silly girls and their water bottles!

I have been using the glass bottle (ball type) and have had to put a bowl under it because when these 2 drink they are so sloppy I have to empty the bowl and refill the bottle once a day.
I swithed to the Flip top water bottle with the wire type tube and they were emptying that up to 2 times a day and their Liner is SOAKED!
The other 2 males that are each in their own C&C cages never have this problem. I don't get what is up with these girls!
Im changing their liner or their bedding almost daily. (I put the bottle outside the kitchen because they were shifting the bowl from under the bottle on the yesterdays news)

Does anyone have any suggestions or a better watering system they use?
Are you sure they are sloppy drinkers? Perhaps the bottle is leaking. I thought I bought a defective bottle (plastic, ball type) until I filled it to the brim with water and tightened the spot VERY tightly. This created a nice vacuum and the excessive leaking stopped. I've never heard of a sloppy piggie drinker. Wouldn't they just spill water on themselves? I am no expert though - Perhaps some piggies ARE sloppy drinkers. I want to warn you about glass bottles, if you are anywhere near as clumsy as me. I once dropped one while filling it from about 1 foot high. It shattered everywhere and gave me a pretty nasty cut! Anyway, hope someone helps you solve this!
Thank you TCT I have checked for leaking and it doesn't seem to be the case and the Pin style bottle doesn't leak at all I know that for sure. thank you for the warning about glass, For me I had the opposite I dropped a couple of different types of the plastics while full and they have split open on me. (granted there isnt shattered glass everywhere) I worry about the chemicals in plastics and I find especially with Rabbits after awhile they won't drink from the plastic anymore. I think the water itself starts to taste like plastic. (like when you leave a half full bottle of water out then drink it. blech ) :)
Hmm I didn't even think about that! Plasticy water - GROSS!
i think the water bottle leak...because i have the same problem too
My guess also is that it is a slow leak. Try tipping the bottle at a different angle. Put the clip closer to the ground to have the bottle less vertical. This might work...
We don't use a bottle for Maximus von Lichtenwalder. Firstly the water smelled of plastic, and secondly all plastics transfer an amount of eostrogens into the water, or the food they surround. Thirdly wee man was hardly drinking any water at all some days going completely without water, relying solely on his juicy foods, which is courting disaster.

So we made the decision to use a water bowl, it's a ceramic ergonomic small bowl, we change the water morning and night daily or twice daily depending on the need to, now needs to have his water bowl topped up some days, unheard of with the bottle.
He has never pooped in his bowl, none of his food or hay get's dropped in there and he avoids stains on his fur by dipping his face hair as he drinks.
I filled one of my piggies' water bottles (after cleaning and sanitizing) with water and tasted it after two days. It tasted like water. Not plastic. Also, I think you mean estrogen mimics. There is no way a synthetic plastic would ever have estrogens on it. Estrogens are solely biosynthetically derived compounds. Many animals synthesize them from cholesterol. There are, however, synthetic compounds that mimic the biological activity of estrogens. The most likely of these compounds to be found on plastic are phthalates, which are a type plasticizer. That is, they are included in SOME plastics to make them more "plasticy" (flexible, durable, etc). The most common plastic that contains phthalates is poly(vinyl chloride) or PVC. Many plastics, especially modern plastics, do not contain phthalates or any other estrogen mimic. The bottles that I use are made of polycarbonate that does not contain either phthalates or bisphenol A (another weak estrogen mimic).
Thank you everyone for the input. I will try adjusting the bottle but so far 3 different water bottles have all had the same thing going on with them. The super pet glass bottle, a basic plastic bottle and the Pin style bottle. Only with my Girls, the Boys have the superpet and Living World glass ball type bottles I have not had any problems with theirs. :crazy:
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hmmm maybe it was the eostrogen mimics that I read of, don't recall the specifics, only that plastic cups, bottles, wraps etc should be avoided because of the extra eostrogen measured in the urine of people 30mins? after consuming stuff coming from the plastics.

Hopefully you are right and the plastics on the market today have become safer.
The plastic are NOT safer. Here is a GREAT plastics guide: (broken link removed)

Also this might be a simple question but since the boys waterbottles are/have been proven not to leak and the girls is either leak issue or user issue why not try switching them out. If the boys leaks you'll know that its not user issue and if the girls leaks you know it is because they are messy drinkers...

Guinea pigs also backwash a lot of hay and food material. It could be possible that some of that matter is stuck up inside the spout. Have you tried taking a qtip and pushing the ball as far forward to clean the spout and then cleaning from the other direction from the outside pushing the ball in all the way? And do make sure you are filling the water bottle all the way to the top with no air bubble and screwing the top on nice and snug. Also the angle of the bottle might be the issue. (I hope these images work for you) Some water bottles have the little wire thing and don't hold the water bottle tight against the outside of the cage like this water bottle:
(broken link removed)

If you don't mind your water bottle on the inside these are easy to find and great to use. This is what I have in my cage:

(broken link removed)
OneTwo, I didn't say that all plastics synthesized today are safe to use. The information on that link you gave is perfectly consistent with what I said. I said that PVC is particularly troublesome because it usually contains large quantities of phthalates. The link says, "PVC or V (polyvinyl chloride) is found in plastic wrap, especially commercial varieties used to package deli and similar items. These plastics use hazardous compounds called phthalates to maintain their pliability." I said that I use polycarbonate bottles that specifically state that they do NOT contain Bisphenol A. In the most commonly used synthesis of polycarbonate, Bisphenol A is reacted with phosgene (a chemical warfare agent used in WWI by the way). Some bisphenol A is not polymerized and instead is trapped within the plastic. It can easily leech out into the water. There are, however, alternate synthesis of polycarbonate that circumvent this toxicity issue. The link you provided states, "Polycarbonates readily leach a toxic compound called bisphenol-a (BPA) into food and drink...look for bottles that say they are BPA-free." BPA-free polycarbonate is likely synthesized from a diol (BPA replacement) that does not have any known toxicity. You really have to make a judgement call as to whether you believe certain plastics are safe or not. It's not limited to plastics either. The chances that the glaze on your ceramic dishes has a significant amount of lead is very high. The chances that this lead poses any health dangers to a cavy is not as high.
thank you Onetwo! You know feel kinda silly I didn't try switching with the boys! lol I will try that next.
I do know they can gunk up the tube, I rinse them well everytime I fill their waterbottle. I will also give the qtip idea a try. all Of my water bottles are on the inside of the cages. so I will see if I can find those hangers. I will try anything to fix the problem. I can't keep changing their bedding every day, I worry about the water in the bowl as well, as they fling poop into it and I don't want them drinking that.
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