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Frustrated Wasting Hay


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Sep 7, 2011
How can i stop my piggies from wasting hay. They pull it all out of the hay bin on the ground around the Hay Bin. Then the shit all over the same area so i cant put the hay back in the bin. Im filling their hay bin with fresh hay every day almost. The whole time im throwing away a shitload of soiled hay!:mad: Any ideas to save hay im tired of wasting all that hay and money on it. Also i know its not Fluffy is has to be the baby because the size of the poop it is baby sized.
Maybe try a hay rack with smaller holes. Then piggies would have to pull one strand at a time...

Not sure if that would help. I'm kind of stumped.
Could I ask what brand of hay you have? I have the same problem and I think it's because it's Kaytee and not Oxbow. The grass they pull out and not eat are very thick and tough. They seem to like the soft thistle like stems. I went on Amazon and saw that Oxbow is better. I'm planning to switch.
I think both posters are right. The wholes might be too big, the pigs pull out the thicker hay, out comes 5 pieces with it, and the pigs eat the "good" hay but the thicker "bad" hay remains.

My guys are picky, and won't touch certain feeling/looking hay, I think. Plus there's always going to be waste. There's no way to stop some being left on the floor to be pee/pooped on. I gave up on this myself, and made a kitchen with wood pellets. I then have the hay rack always stocked with fresh hay, and the corner has a pile on the wood pellets. They sit in/eat the pile, and eat from the hay rack. I fluff up the hay pile, pick out any poops I see and any noticeable wet clumps, and add fresh hay ass needed to both rack and pile. The pile gets tossed after a week.

I also bought a 45lb box of hay from kleen mama's hayloft. It came to less then $60 with shipping(shipping was more then the hay itself) but was still a lot cheaper then buying bags each week. I have so much hay I dot mind wasting some. I've made no dent into the box so far, and I've been very generous with it.

So rethink your hay rack, see what can be changed/added to make it less messy. Definitely look into buying hay in bulk to save some real $, and not care about wasting anything.

Also, I noticed my pigs eat more hay in a pile then they did when I used a hay rack alone. I went through 4 different hay racks too until I settled on what I'm using now. All homemade.
I don't expect my guinea pigs to eat all of their hay. I buy in bulk and offer them mounds of hay that they can eat, roll in or climb in, if they want. I have hay bins that I keep filled but they do pull hay out or climb into it. I just consider it to be one of their simple pleasures and let them do it if they like. Hay should be their primary food so I want to make sure they can have as much as they want. I buy Oxbow Orchard Grass in 50 lb boxes which is a lot less expensive than buying bags and it much softer than timothy hay.
You can't stop them from wasting hay, although you can minimize it by the kind of hay rack you use. My theory is that the best thing to do is to buy cheaper hay and not worry about the waste.

I don't know where you're getting your hay, but in small bags at the pet store is absolutely the most expensive way to buy it, pound for pound, and the quality is very poor. If you can find a local horse farm, you may be able to get good grass hay from their supplier, or you can order from one of the online sources.
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