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Wanting to get back into guinea pigs


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May 2, 2012
Hi everyone!

I had guinea pigs when I was growing up. I got the first one when I was in fourth grade and the second one when I was in sixth, both females. The second one was pregnant when I got her from the pet store. She had two pigs, a male, which I had to give away to my cousin, and a female who passed on a few months after birth.

I haven't had any guinea pigs since my two passed away when I was in 10th grade. I couldn't get new ones at that time, and I'm almost done with college so I have been thinking about getting new ones which lead me to this forum.
Welcome! this site is so great :) hope you enjoy
Welcome! So glad you are thinking of getting GP's again. They are such an incrediable little animal. Check out all of the great info here on the forum. When it is time do look into adoption over buying a gp. Check out local rescues in your area. They will be more than glad to match you up with the pig or a pair that will be just right for you.

Looking forward to sharing all things pigge and seeing pictures.
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