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Ferrets wanting to build a C&C cage for two ferrets in the future wanting advise


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Aug 7, 2007
Hello there my name is Sarah, I am a young lady whom was going to school to study to be a vet tech. I am taking a break from school due to helath reasons but hoping to return at some point in the future.
Not sure as to what i want to study I know I really like and enjoy being around animals I particurally like caring for what the industry calls exotics and pocket pets.
which kind of got me in trouble a bit when I was in school. lol mostly since most classes act like they want you to only focus on cats and dogs. And when they asked us to bring animals in for practice, it was prefered that they were cat or dog...which I understand but it was slightly annoying that they just assumed people only owned these animals and not anything else.

But yes being a big pet lover I would really and truly love to own a pair of ferrets at some point. I have meet a lovely group here in st.louis that rescues them and I am very interested in bring home some of them at some point.

I have quite a bit of c&c material since I did own to amazing guinea pig girls they lived for at least 5 to 8 years on me which is amazing for piggies I most say.

if anyone can give good helpful hints or even photos of cages that can be used for ferrets I would love that. lol I am not the best on making things myself so I might need some extra help with it which is why I came here thank you very much!
On the top bar of the screen, there's a Photos tab and there's pictures of C&C cages for ferrets on there, I'm certain. Also, you could try You Tube and see what they have there. People will often share how they've crafted something in a video.

Here's one I found

How I Built My Own Ferret Cage - YouTube

Good luck with your ferrets! I know they can be a handful.
Pleases finish school before owning pets. You are going to be so busy with school and work until you're finished, that the animals might not get the time they need, or your school work can suffer. Check out the photos here, and just adjust the height dimensions for ferrets. Also, any elaborate cage you see on line or in the store can be made with grids and coroplast, it just depends on how easy you want it to be to clean. More levels = more fleece and coroplast, and time to clean. Have fun, try using grid paper to sketch out some designs.
I don't really intend to get any more animals until I get through with school this is just me doing pre planning research. I already own three hamsters and three rats and I make sure to give them lots of time and attension everyday.

I make sure to give all my little ones as much attension as possible so please don't worry yourselves over that.
lol actually the lil boys I have now are really helping me a great deal with my depression issues as is.
So they are certainly a good thing for me. lol although they think they are helping me move when they are out for play time and truly they are just getting into boxes playin...

when I made the one for my girls finding the grids was easy to do just finding the coroplast was kind of difficult.
@kala83 I know that! I am here not because I own cavies but because I want to own cavies. I'm doing the research and even plan on putting the cage and different needs into our budget. We need to better our situation before we're ready to take on living creatures, however.

I'm handicapped and don't work, hubby has a job, but it's not good enough. He works construction (buildings) and there's no work in the winter, so we barely manage to get through. He plans on trying to get a better job soon and, once he's settled, we'll be ready! :D

How long before you graduate from school? How much of a break are you taking?
You will have to double the grids like in the video post above. I got 2 adult male ferrets and they easily got their heads through the grid spaces before they were doubled up (my husband calls them "snakes with fur"...hee hee). If you can find the mesh grids then you don't have to double them (I have not been able to find them anywhere) or you could use the closet shelves that a lot of people use for their pigs c&c cages as lids. Ferrets are great but make sure they have plenty of time outside the cage and you have a huge vet fund!
:D @kittymalone Except I don't like snakes, but I love ferrets. (I don't think I would ever get any though. I'm low energy and they're so full of energy! ;) )
the break is mostly due to my health as I said mentally more so then anything I have bad social anxiety and just in general am socially akward. lol hence why I get a long with animals better lol seem to get them more...I guess.

since it could be large number of things going on I am not sure how long of a break it will be since getting any kind of therapy I can is # 1 on my list lol and I want to put back money so I can potensially buy a house or condo in st.louis when I move back. So looking for a job is a HUGE deal to me also.
@kala83 You're not alone! So many of us who have pets do get them better then our human counterparts. We're not guinea pigs, who get along best with each other. :D

I haven't exactly been diagnosed with social anxiety (actually I haven't been diagnosed with any thing but bi-polarism at the moment), but when I'm in public I start ticking almost automatically. Nothing horrible- just a bunch of numbers and head and hand jerks really. Sometimes, I'll start feeling like the walls are crowding in on me and need to leave where I am now before I explode! It seems to happen most often in public places, although the only place I've ever had a full blown panic attack before is at home. Maybe I just feel safer here.

When another member described having the same problem (with no prompting from me), I began to wonder if I had it too. Although, I'm pretty sure I have PTSD due to some highly stressful circumstances over the past 3 years. In that time, I've been given little to no reason to trust any one but my husband. So it might be just that.

I've always had a communication barrier- I frequently say things that are meant harmlessly, but come out sounding much more harsh then what was their original intent. I've never been able to grasp what to say and how to say it.

But here I am rambling again... my point is, you're not alone when it comes to being anxious around others and understands animals better. :)
I get what you mean about pets and social anxiety. I'm getting guinea pigs mainly for that :) They'll be my mental health buster. I've got quite a list of mental issues. Ferrets are so cute ! Animals are amazing friends.
story of my life ! none of you are alone <3
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