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Frustrated Wanted to share my experience with others.


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Nov 6, 2011
I want to give a little input. Speaking from experience.... I made a few mistakes myself. My first BIG mistake was I bought my Guineas at the pet store. I bought one at first, which I was told was a girl. SO I did some reading (BUT not enough) and found out that guineas like to be with a friend so 10 days later I went back to the same pet store and bought another guinea. I didn't want mine to be sad living alone. Of course I made it clear, I had a female so I wanted a female so they could live in the same cage and play together. My son and I pick out a female guinea and brought her home. Introduced the 2 of them. Well the so called first female I got would not leave the new female alone. Kept jumping on the back of her etc. BUT I just assumed this was the getting to know each other stage. I got them out to play together 3 times and this behavior continued from Pixie ( my so called 1st female ). Twix( my second female) didn't seem to care. She just went about her business. Thank God that the 3rd time they were out Pixie was getting friendly and I just didn't want her being like that with Twix so I Picked her up only to discover that my so called female was indeed a male! Needless to say they had separate cages (which they had from the beginning because I wanted to introduce them slowly) BUT I can not put my guineas together even now (unless I would get one of them fixed and I just dont want to do that to either one of them. I then changed Pixies name to Snicker Doodle since I now knew he was a boy! SO I have been worrying for the past several weeks about poor Twix. I keep hoping she is NOT PREGNANT because I just love her to pieces and would not want to risk losing her. IF she did by chance get pregnant on one of the 3 times they were together before I knew he was a boy (because I trusted the pet store in sexing my pigs) she should have them by the 18th of this month if my calculations are correct. My piggies were together for floor time play September 5,7, and 9th. The 9th of course being the day I discovered my so called female Pixie was a male (Snicker Doodle now). I NEVER again got them out together nor do I want to knowing that there is a chance to lose my Twix! IF I had it to do all over again (now after all this research and this wonderful site) I would have searched for my guinea pigs online and in shelters. I of course have had this discussion with my family and we all agree that IF we would ever get any more (because I feel bad having a male and female that can not play together and have thought about TRYING to get another female and a male so each one of mine would have a friend (same sex friend of course)), I definitely would save one before making another pet store purchase! I just can NOT understand why anybody would want to breed guineas on purpose knowing the risk of them dieing. Then again I really LOVE my guineas. And they do talk to one another and look at one another (through the cages of course) so that is nice.
I posted this on another thread and it made me want to copy and paste it on my own thread just to make some people aware of things that really happen. I have 1 more week of lots of worrying to do:mad: and by then if Twix doesn't have babies I will not have to worry about it ever again. Mine both get time out of there cage BUT it is individual time so there is no chance of having to worry for 10 weeks over this ever again.
I am so sorry this happened to you! It must be hard to be on baby watch. Have you been weighing Twix to see if she is gaining weight and therefor more likely pregnant?

You have my sympathy on this situation and thank you for sharing it with others who might not be quite as aware. The only advice that I have would be what I would do in your situation and that would be: neuter the male. If you find a good exotic vet they should be able to get in and out (so to speak) in 15 minutes or so. Exotic vets know the risk of anesthesia and want to minimize it. It is safer to fix a male than it is to spay a female just because they don't have to go inside the guinea pig's guts. You could put your boy with your girl then and if you wanted to get more guinea pigs you'd only have to worry about getting girls!

Best of luck with Twix, I hope everything ends up well either safe babies or no babies. =D
Thanks Inle_Rabbit. She has gained some weight since I have gotten her but she is young so this is why I am NOT sure if it is growing weight or baby weight. I will know very soon, and will be so glad when I do know for sure. It has been a long 9 weeks. I just would never want anything to happen to Twix. If I did decide to get one fixed it would definitely be the boy (Snicker Doodle) after all the research I have done BUT I would just feel so bad doing that to him :(. From my calculations from what I was told Twix is only about 5-6 months old right now, but then again who knows if that info. is correct since the sexing was not.
Without reading back, how long have you had her?
I have had her since August 15th BUT didn't give them any play dates until the week of the 5th through the 9th of September. (I wanted to make sure Twix wasn't sick before I put them together so I waited 3 weeks.)
That's over two months. If she's pregnant, you should be able to feel baby bumps along her flanks by now. Put her in your lap for some cuddle time, and make sure she's laying fairly straight out. Use your hand like a claw, and gently push in on both sides of her lower abdomen. If she's not pregnant, all you'll feel is soft stuff -- whatever she ate earlier! If she is, there'll be lumps and bumps, and if you keep your hands there long enough, you should be able to feel movement.
I have tried this and sometimes I feel movement BUT not sure if it is Twix breathing or babies. Yesterday when I was holding her she was all relaxed and she was laying right against my shirt (belly) and i could feel twitches on one side of her that kept touching my body. When this happened Twix would pick up her head and sniff like she was trying to smell something. I will try what you suggested today when I get her out for cuddle time. Thanks for your help bpatters. Am I right with my calculations that IF she is pregnant she would have them around this weekend? The 18th is the date I have marked on my calender so I can quit worry about this. I definitely do not want to lose her.
I do feel soft stuff when I check her abdomen and do not feel lumps. I am gonna assume she is not pregnant. Now maybe I can relax.....Thanks so much for your help bpatters.
If the date is the 18th, and she's not massively huge and lying around not moving, then she's probably not pregnant.
"Whew!" I will keep my fingers crossed for you my dear, that this is indeed true ! Billie knows her stuff, so we can be realistically optimistic ! :eek: What a stressful nightmare you have been going through, I am so sorry....please keep us posted, o.k. ?
Thank you kathlaaron. I do believe what bpatters says. She definitely seems to know her guineas...lol. Which is good that she helps the rest of us with our questions and problems. I will keep you posted. Thanks for caring:love:. It is so nice to be able to talk to people that love there piggies as much as I love mine. Hopefully I will be posting at the end of the weekend all good news! It is like having a child, I just developed an instant bond to my piggies but there are some people that just don't understand this. So glad to have found this site.:D
You are so welcome ! :) We definitely do understand, for we love our pigs like they are members of our family, you know ? We are a piggie community that genuinely laughs, as well as cry with you, about our little precious "babies". We all most definitely "get it" around here. ❤️
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