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Pellets Vitakraft Emotion Beauty for Guinea Pigs - Is it good?


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Jul 19, 2009
I went to a pet store that sells Vitakraft Herbal Hay after decided to use the product and remove the herbs. Then I had conversation with the pet shop owner. M = Me, O = the owner

M: "Do you have plain hay without herbs?"
O: "They're sold out and not arrived yet. This is the best hay. It's from Germany" (liar..I've been wandering to that petshop for a year and there were no plain hay at all)
M: "Yeah, this is great. But the info from the net said that herbal hay is not really good for daily use"
O: "Really? Because everybody is looking for this product and they think it's wonderful" (I think they don't even try to search on the net)
M: "I don't know...but the net said that herbal hay contains lots of calsium in it and it's not good.."
O: "Yeah but it's very good for their growth when they're a babies. Of course it's not that good when they're adult. Are your pets a babies or adult?" (come on, every animal become an adult, and I haven't finish talk)
M: "Not yet, but they will be reach their adult very soon. So when will the plain hay arrived? Is it from Vitakraft?"(I'm getting tired of this conversation)
O: "Very soon. On March 15 they will arrived. Vitakraft ones, timothy hay like that one that you buy. And if you need something from Vitakraft you can tell me and I'll try to order it" (the one I buy is meadow hay plus herb, clearly she don't know anything about the hay)

So after I got home, I searched on the net about vitakraft products so when I go there again I can inform her and hopefully she will order it. And I found this product :
This is the description :
Vitakraft Emotion Beauty - Erfahrungsbericht - Vitakraft Emotion Beauty - Für ein schönes Fell
And the translation (from google translate) :

"A review of 110 of these were on average very helpful Ciao members rated
JR Farm - For a beautiful coat
°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °

In Filderstadt, we have discovered a special pet store, a true animal paradise. There is the most beautiful animals, a visit there is an experience for the children. Nor is there really a huge selection. Of course, there is presented the new food series Vitakraft emotion. The glossy dark green Alupack it all looks the same more somehow noble. From that I got to feed a 120 gram sample pack. Free of course. Otherwise, there are now in the lining 600 gram pack, and buy the 1.8 kilogram pack.
From this series, there are the varieties of emotional beauty, Long Hair, Sensitive, crackers ® Spa, and crackers ® Hair.

But the beauty pack. The feed for guinea pigs, and extra contains lots of vitamin C. A Leckerlie with soy and pea flakes, apple pieces, and of course lots Petersilienstengeln added vitamins. The special added bonus here is the omega 6 Beauty Complex. It has anti-inflammatory, supports and strengthens the skin of guinea pigs and ensures a shiny coat.
The food items also for our human eye simply appetizing. There are tiny red heart in the diet, which is the so-called + Hair Complex, these parts make for shiny coat. The green oval Knappereien strengthen defenses, and the small yellow star are Cheerios for healthy teeth. The teeth of the guinea pigs also need a bit harder for increasingly scarce to abzuwetzen their teeth, and strengthen it.

Valuable essential fatty acids are included here by admixed sunflower oil.
Ingredients: vegetable products, cereals (3% wheat-pop), vegetables, fruits, sugar cane molasses, minerals, oils and fats, aloe vera concentrate, the ingredients are. 14% crude protein, 4% crude fat, crude fiber 13.5%, 5.5% crude ash, 10% moisture, 0.7% calcium. Further, 0.45% phosphorus. Additives per kg are here: 8,472 i. E. Vitamin A, 910 IU Vitamin D3, 45.2 mg vitamin E, 358 vitamin C, 5.5 mg of vitamin B1 and 6.7 mg of B2, and 4.4 mg of vitamin B6. 10.5 μg vitamin B12, too, and 53.1 mg of nicotinic acid, biotin 278μg and 4.2 mg folic acid, 157 mg choline, 14.2mg copper as copper - (II) - sulphate, pentahydrate. Furthermore, 51.8 mg of zinc as zinc oxide and as a - zinc (II) - sulphate, whether or monohydrate. All were stained with EC additives.

Our conclusion:
The guinea pigs like it, the food visually looks cute. This confirms our favorite glossy coats that the food is good, I can only recommend it. One might indeed sound quality food for the animals. It is unfortunately not available everywhere, but even in well-stocked shop.

© Sabine Luz, the 29th August 2006"

My question is which one is better : my C.P Diet pellets or this pellets?

And for the hay, I searched on the net but I haven't found any Vitakraft timothy hay just like what she mentioned, what I found are about any Vitakraft hay with herbs products. Do anyone in here have an information about the hay? Just want to make sure she order the right hay. Thanks everyone :)
Vitakraft foods (pellets) are NOT acceptable, I believe I told you this before on a couple of occasions. Stick with what you are feeding.

Pellets should be plain without other stuff added in.
Can you get her to order Oxbow? You can tell her it's good for her business to carry better brands.
Its best to stay away from pet shops anyways. You if you can avoid it its best to not be supporting places that sell animals because in the long run (even if you dont buy the animal from them) they make all their profit from the food you have to feed them. Oxbow and Kleenmama's is it for guinea pig foods. Thats it end of story! lol The piggies love it, its great for them and if you can get it, you should! In most cases it is cheaper in the long run to buy a mass bulk of oxbow or kleenmamas directly from the source. If I were to buy Oxbow at a petstore verses buying from them directly with shipping it comes out to be about a 1$ per pound less. (so $1.30 including shipping instead of $2.60 per pound of pellets excluding gas) Plus I dont have to waste time going and getting it every few weeks. If you are feeding them a good diet then they usually wont eat all the junk that is in the pellets. Its best to give them a good pellet and get the rest of their vitamins in the fruit treats and daily veggies. Plus all those extra things can make them sick because they are over processed, choking hazzards, make them fat, and they can get stuck in/on their teeth. I didnt think my piggies would be "dumb" enough to do that and I gave them a nut treat supposively made for guinea pigs. Noticed MOnty was trying to use his paw to scrape at his mouth and lo and behold he had a thin seed stuck inbetween his top teeth. Took some flailing to get it off but then and there I promised to NEVER give them anything with seeds, nuts or anything in it again (even if I get it for free!). I hate to think what would have happened if I wasnt there...
fridzalone is in Indonesia and is very limited on what he/she can get for their pigs. Things like Oxbow and KM's are out of the question. fridzalone is trying to get the best they can for his/her pigs (still don't know if you are a guy or gal) but the options are all pretty much not good.
I know he/she is in Indonesia. I think it's worth a try to get the petstore to order Oxbow. If they can order Vitakraft, why can't they order Oxbow?

Edit to add:
I just looked at this page on Oxbow site.
Oxbow Animal Health | Oxbow International
They are available in Indonesia. Perhaps you can email them and ask for store location.
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Thanks for that info Ly! I wasnt sure where she was located. Thats a great idea Lis...
It's so nice that you /may/ be getting some Oxbow if your store owner is nice enough. I know how you've been having to feed your pets crappy pellets and hay. You can get the store owner to order the fresh vibrant green hay first, see how the customers pets love it, and then she may even order the pellets. :) Emphasize the freshness and green-ness of the Hay. I hope the Indonesia Oxbow is of good quality, or is it imported into the country?
My earlier comment was in reply to Onetwo.

If they could find oxbow pellets, it would be nice or if their store would stock them it would be nice.
This product is different from the one I posted before, that's why I asking it again. And I already asked the store owner to order Oxbow so many times long before today, and she answered she can't do that. She didn't explain why can't she order it thought and always use the words "Vitakraft is a good brands too, it's from Germany" as an excuses. And the only reason why I buy in that pet shop is because it's the only pet shop in my town that sells hay. :sad:
Can you contact Oxbow and ask if you can order large mount to be shipped to you? Then you can sell them to your other friends who have guinea pigs. If you order large amount, the price should be lower per pound.
I'm a college student (a girl actually), so having such a huge money as a fund to buy Oxbow in big amount is totally out of my reach. Maybe I'll try to talk to the other Guinea pigs lovers member on Indonesian online forum and we'll see if someone capable to doing that. Thanks for the suggestion, I really appreciate that :)
And for Oxbow in Indonesia, i contacted the pet store in charge. It's Groovy Petshop in Kemang, Jakarta. They don't do online shopping, and they only willing to do the delivery shipment around Jakarta (for minimum order of IDR Rp. 5.000.000 or USD $500) and not to another town. I live in another city.
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I did a google search for grass hay for sale in Indonesia and found this online classified. No I cant read most of what it says but maybe you can find a supplies here...

(broken link removed)

Also you can try places that board, sell, and raise horses and live stock that need grass hay. There has got to be someone near you that grows the stuff somewhere. Keep looking and i wish you luck!!!

This one says will ship any where in the world including Indonesia:

Buy Hay for sale can ship any place in the world from eastside nursery

Skrimp where you can as much as you can and I'm sure you will be able to save up enough to get some good hay! I sure wish I could smuggle you some. *hugs*
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