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Vet Violet - First Vet Trip Antibiotics and approval of environment/bedding change


Cavy Slave
Jun 25, 2012
Reading the stickies figures I would get a thread going for Violet (keeping for history etc)

We have an exotic vet down the road from us and he was able to get us in.

Since the vet finder on the site didn't show anybody in San Antonio we made the appt.

Violet is a new family member and we are piggy newbs. We set the appt due to sneezing and a watering eye.

He checked violets weight .14, ears clear, and watery eye. He prescribed SMZ TMP 960mg .15ml twice a day Antibiotic for a week.

Looking at Guinea lynx before giving the med I saw it is a very common Antibiotic.

Her environment to date - Store bought expanding paper bedding and store cage while C&C construction progressed.

Environment today going forward 2x3 CC with upper level 2x1 kitchen, shes already moved in and running her circle track and pop corning. From a piggy that has seemed way off this morning its a welcome change. Some remodling may lay in the future but the fleece is in and shes exploring.

If you are in San Antonio and have a vet you use for your piggys I would be interested. Just as I do for me and my children we see a doc and I dont get the ultimate warm fuzzies I may see a different one.
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