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Coroplast Alternatives vinyl instead of Linoleum ?


New Member
Cavy Slave
Mar 13, 2012
Hi there !

So I was looking to build a new c&c cage - but theres not a whole lot of places that sell coro around here. I was looking up linoleum but was having a hard time finding that too.

Now what my question is... is vinyl the same as linoleum? Is it safe? I know vinyl is more synthetic than linoleum so I was just wondering if I could use vinyl instead, since its easier to come by.

Thanks :D
Vinyl is fine. Make sure they cannot chew on the edges.
That's always good to know, thanks
You're welcome. I line my cage with vinyl too. You can use anything waterproof. Some people use shower curtain, tarp or tablecloth.
Awesome! What can I do to prevent them chewing the edges though?
Are you planning to use fleece for the bedding? If you are, you can clip fleece over on the side.

If you plan to use disposable bedding, you can cover the edges with (broken link removed).
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