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Vetbed and fleece questions

You lucky bum - I washed mine today by hand! It is a nightmare, but I love it because it stays dry for so long. A love hate relationship lol
And here is the final report. I just cleaned the big pig cage: 2x5 with a 1x2 loft. There is Pet Bed on all of this cage including the ramp. I just put all of that bedding into the washer and it all fits fine. The bedding was wet in places (these pigs are not at all potty trained), and there was a feeling of wetness in places on the bottom of the Petbed, but the coroplast was dry. I am sure that it is possible that it could end up wet on the coroplast, too, so perhaps some puppy pads and/or batting or newspaper might be a good idea. I am going to continue to try without anything for a bit longer as the smell is extremely minimal, and I only really noticed it when I stuck my face right into the really wet spots - nothing like the old aspen when it got wet!

Anyway, hopefully that information is helpful for people considering this alternative bedding.
Where did you get your petbed?
I got my Pet Bed from the same place that Pennick did online. I checked the local pet stores, but no one carried it around here. It is possible that some may, especially if you have some that are super dog-friendly.
That is good news, pigsnchins! I can't believe the coroplast was still dry!
You had the vetbed in the cage for 7 days if I calculated correctly?
Are your pigs using the litter box yet, or are they still peeing all over the vetbed?
Just wondering, did you purchase the Deluxe, Supreme or Super Deluxe Rib?

Piglet, you live in the UK, right? Is yours the original Vetbed, or a different brand?

I'm going to check ebay, hadn't thought of that yet!
Piglet said:
When the vetbed is drying, I use towels in my cage. Fleece is more absorbant and that is why it's preferred. If you can't find fleece on a roll, I'm sure you'll find fleece blankets. Do you have an Ikea near you? Oh yes, mine poop like crazy in the cuddle cup but that's ok. Everynight I will tip the cup into the bin and I will hand wash it every other week (or more depending on how dirty it is).

Aurora, I got mine from ebay and there were over 10 colours! I just got the one that matched my room :p

Oooh ikea has it?? great. i'll go check it out. Thanks!!
Aurora, it was in for 7 days. At this point, they are still peeing all over the place. Sigh. They do use the litter box some, but anything but consistently. I think that will improve some with time.

I purchased the Super Deluxe Ribbed (the ribbed is the rubber "backing" on it - thin strips of rubber that run down the length of it and helps to keep it in place on the coroplast).
Yeah, they'll probably learn, hopefully!

Darn, I just don't know what to do. Reading all these stories, I much prefer the vetbed, but it's just so expensive. I couldn't find any on ebay, unfortunately. I'm also not convinced the vetbed they sell in the Netherlands is the same quality as the original UK vetbed or the Palace Pet bed.
So I just might have to go with fleece.
Dilemma's, dilemma's!
Well, the price is right with fleece. Even if you end up not liking it and switching later on down the road, you won't be out very much money. And it sounds like, with the right combination for your pigs, fleece makes a great choice.
Fleece is definitely cheeper than vetbed, but the cotton batting that I want to use with it is quite expensive over here. But even so it's more than 50% cheaper than vetbed.

There's pro's and con's to fleece as well as to vetbed, that's the problem basically!
Aaargh, I'm such a crappy decision-maker!

Thank goodness my bf made the decision for me. He told me to go buy a small piece of vetbed tomorrow, and just try it and see how it works for me. So that's what I'm going to do!
If it's no good, I can always cut it to smaller pieces and use it for my upper level.
What do you guys think about carpet that has rubber backing on it for bedding? I was using carefresh but the girls were kicking it out and it didn't seem to be absorbing as much as it should be for the cost. I didn't like the look of it either. It just made the cage look dirty all the time. I went to Home Depot and got a 3x5 piece of rubber back carpet, the kind that you see as industrial doormats in entry ways of businesses usually. I have been vacuuming it out everyday and it seems to be doing fine. I figure I'll get a few pieces of it to switch out when the one in the cage gets dirty. I'll clean them either by hand scrubbing or with the carpet cleaner. Seems kind of easy. Just wondering if any of you have ever tried this. I have the carpet weighed down with bricks so the girls can't get underneath it and try to eat the rubber.

By the way, my girls are also using their cuddle cup as a bathroom!! I guess they like to poop and pee in luxury!! $16 bathroom!!! LOL! Girls will be girls!
Lisser said:
What do you guys think about carpet that has rubber backing on it for bedding?
I have that type of carpet on my upper levels. I personally wouldn't advise it unless your pigs are litter trained. If you clean it regularly with the carpet cleaner then it should stay fine. It may need replacing at some stage, though. And you have to be careful about the stringy bits on the edges where it was cut.

Lisser said:
By the way, my girls are also using their cuddle cup as a bathroom!! I guess they like to poop and pee in luxury!! $16 bathroom!!! LOL! Girls will be girls!
Tell me about it! There are always millions of poops in the cuddlecups in the morning with my lot! Your cuddlecup cost $16?? That's expensive, for a cuddlecup!
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