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Vet Visit Results (Long)


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Mar 23, 2005
My mom just got home from taking the piggies to the vet. My three pigs that i have had for three years were taken because they have been itching constantly, so i could only assume lice or mites.I have some good news and some very bad news which almost had me crying, which i would have but we were in a restruant.

First the good news. I wasn't there, so i will tell you what my mom told me the vet said:

1. Trila, Chardonnay (my avatar piggy!!!!!), and Zinfandel were all extremely well behaved. They didn't even move or try to run away

2. The vet did not do a skin scraping because she said they looked gorgeous (what every cavy slave wants to hear!) and healthy and their was nothing on their skin.

3. They do not have lice or mites

Now, the bad news: ( Zinfandel had a growth, possibly a tumor around her nipple which was removed last year. She had antibiotics and recovered fully)
The real reason i had made the appointment with the vet today was for Zinny who had had a milky white discharge around her vagina when ever i pick her up.

1. Poor Zinny's tumor has grown back. It is extremely large and the vet isn't sure whether it is a malmary tumor or malmary cist. That explains the discharge and also the itching. The extra amount of estrogen from the tumor is causing the itching.

2. Chardonnay also has a cist/tumor almost as big as zinny's : that is why she has also been itching alot!

3. Trila has a small growth, which also explains her itching as well

4. For treatment, both Zinfandel and Chardonnay recieved shots which exert a certain type of estrogen into their system which may cause the tumor to pop. that is what i am hoping! The shots were $18 each and they have to go in two more weeks for another $18 shot. Plus the thirty dollar vet visit, plus ivermectin drops just in case which i will use on the three i took to the vet and the three still in quarantine. You do the math. It is so expensive. In order to adopt the three piggies that are now in quarantine, i had to promise my parents that i would cover ALL OF THE VET BILLS. I have ben doing a lot of fundraising for my girls.

5. Trila is not going to be given the shot unless we know it helps the other two girls. Her cist is VERY small and she does not itch nearly as much, but i know we will end up treating her too.


My pigs could still live another 1 to 2 years, they are all 3 now, if the shots don't burst the tumor. They are also not in pain and are presently very healthy otherwise. But the cist will eventually become so big that they will lose weight and then stop eating. It is just so hard for me to think about. They're my best friends, you know.

I am trying to look on the brightside, the treatment may work, they are living like queens, and they will not be in pain. It apparently is a VERY common thing amoung sows! The vet said she sees this all the time.

Everyone, can you please think of my piggies and hope the treatment works. I will keep you posted and tell you all what happens.

Here is a picture of the three piggies i took to the vet today. Trila is partially black,


Chardonnay is fat and tan and white,


and Zinfandel had a pointy nose and a white, tan and dark brown body.

I hope everything works out for your piggies. I also hope it won't be too hard to cover all the vet bills. Good luck to you and your pigs.
Ugh. I know how you feel. I wish the best of luck for your piggies!
Well, hopefully they'll heal up with the treatment. They may be pricey, but I'm sure that it'll be worth it if they can live a full healthy life.
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they all get better. Please keep us updated on how they are doing!
That is sad. My guinea pig also has a tumor, but my mom (a nurse) told me it was probably fatty and nothing to worry about. And over the past couple months it has not gotten bigger luckily. I'm sorry to here that about your pigs and I hope they all get better.
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Sending get well vibes to your girls. May they get well soon and may the cysts pop.
They just got their second shots last night. The itching has decreased, but is not completely gone. Just hoping everything will be alright.
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