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Sounds Very quiet girls


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Jan 12, 2012
From what I have been reading it seems many guinea pigs out there react to opening fridges, rustling bags, etc. with loud wheeking. My girls are so quiet. The only loud wheek I hear is when Zoe is bugging Abbey and she wheeks very loud in protest. When I come into their room in the morning and evening to bring them out for their greens they are up at the cage looking out and get excited to see me, running back and forth. Abbey's the talker and she talks softly to me when I open up the door to the hay closet or when I top up their hay pile throughout the day but there is no loud wheeking. Zoe has always been very laid back and quiet so maybe they don't get each other going. Anyone else out there with quiet pigs?
My girl Radley is also a quiet pig. She will purr and wheek at me while I'm cuddling her and occasionally when I'm giving her hay, but for the most part she just lays in her pigloo or eats hay. It may be because she's a single piggy, so I'm trying to add fun toys to her cage and play with her a lot.
Gidget is laid back as well. she does wheek talk ect more now than a couple of months ago when I got her.
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