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Very frustrated and ready to blow my lid!


Cavy Champion, Previous Forum Moderator
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Dec 5, 2004
I have never been so disgusted as I was tonight after seeing members of this forum namecalling and badmouthing other members. There is absolutely NO reason to do such things. I don't believe anyone here is better than anyone else. I was particularly upset by a couple of comments made, one was You do not know everything about guinea pigs and DON'T be cruel to the other memeber such as Angel. She knows a lot more then you do so just be quiet. Does anyone on this forum know everything there is to know about piggies, I highly doubt it. We are here to learn, if we knew everything we would not have the need to be here period. We are also here to learn from each other not bash people just because they may not have been a member of the forum for as long as someone else has. There are many knowledgable members on this forum and I always am willing to listen to those members whether they have been here for 1 day or since the creation of the forum.

The other statement made that upset me greatly was "You say I am not a good guinea pig owner, but you forgot my piggies live in like a 5 star htel and yours to say the least live in the ghetto." I am not going to say anything more than I was offended when I read that. Pooh isn't here to defend herself so I am going to say anything more on that.

As for kelly, I hate to say this but I feel she asked for what she got. That is all I am going to comment on that. If I had been here in time, I would have banned her myself and closed that thread. If you have heard the expression "treat others as you wish to be treated" then she treated members here harsh and got back what she gave.

I also want to give this forum a warning, I will NOT tolerate name calling around here. If and when I see it happen again, warnings will be issued. I don't want to be a hard a**, but will be if I am forced into being one. I try to advocate niceness and most importantly "tact" here and most of you all know this, but there are times when even my buttons are pushed to far.

Now, I will go read new posts and catch up on what I have missed in the last couple of days. Thank you all for letting me vent.
I recently joined this site because of the positivity I ran across in the postings the first couple of days...I then logged on today to see the "battle". How sad is that? I joined this site in order to receive and give advice as well as to meet new people that love their GP's as much as I do...not to read a people attacking each other! Hopefully people will read what you wrote and take it to heart!
Well said Ly. I completely agree.
I agree also. I dont understand why people have to get so snappy and rude. I think some people forget that we are here for our piggies' sakes. I'm with ya LY
I haven't been on lately so I have no idea what's been going on, only that several members have been banned. I agree, that's totally inapropriate. I can't seem to find the thread you're talking about, I assume it's the one that has been moved to the moderator forums. I'm sad to see such awful things go on.
Wow I was just signed on last night, and I missed all of this? Wow..... I am sorry that it happened.
MN, it did get moved to the moderator forum.
Boy some of you just way over react. I mean some people need to remember that there is several kids on this forum. And Pooh is one of them. Yes she said somethings that weren't right. And so did the one that was attacking her back. But did that person get banned for keeping up the arguement? NO.
You should all keep in mind that if kids feel that they are being stepped on. Or that there selfesteem is crushed, or whatever the case maybe. The child will come back in retaliation(sp) just to get back at the top of the pecking order.
It was also not mentioned that Pooh did say she was sorry. That she over reacted. Even though you forgot to mention that part Ly.
I think some of you should keep in mind that kids will be kids and act like that on a forum or at home,school etc. Banning Pooh did no good. Infact, if anything it made the situation worse. Someone now thinks they won the fight. Well Wrong answer.
It was a child's game between both parties, and nothing majorly bad was said. There was no "true" name calling. Just an "I am better then you" , thing going on.

For those of you who think you have the best kids in the world and they would never do something like this. Well kids are different when mommy and daddy aren't there to watch over there every move. I have written kids up and the parents are in shock because they have perfect little angels. The real light to the fact. There is no perfect little angel.

The thread should of been closed and each party warned about there actions. Then maybe it wouldn't happen again.
You all can chew me out or whatever. But think about it before you start your bashing. I work with kids. I spend more time with these kids then most parents do. I see this happen all the time. Kids wanting to be big and bad, and sometimes this is how they reach there level of the pecking chain.

here is an example so maybe you all can understand.
Child A gets hit by child B on the school bus(child B got yelled at by his/her parents. So his/her self esteem level needs a boost). Kids on bus see child A get hit. Self Esteem is now to the low mark for Child A but child B is now struting around being a hot shot. Child A in a slump now needs to get back to his level of slef esteem and hits Child C during recess. Now Child A feels good again. Life goes on.
See what I mean. Maybe that will help you all understand a little more about childern.

I know this might not make sense to a lot of you. But really think about it. If you are attacked for something. Don't you start to feel bad. Then in turn you will usually snap at another person and the chain will continue. For all we know. Pooh could of had a really bad day at home/school. And she used this forum to vent.
You dont know all the facts nor did you check into it. Some people just need to talk. Yet you jumped to banning someone before you even thought about it. That to me was just as bad a move as what pooh did.
Again Childern. GEEE
Yes, kids will be kids, but they need to keep their immaturity in check. This is a forum about the proper care and keeping of guinea pigs. I, as well as most, understand the passion we all carry for our pigs. I have been in a few of these childish fights, but did not leave or post for sympathy on another site. I saw the error of my ways and SINCERELY apologized to those whom I offended. I truly hope we have moved on and are more grown-up in our responses to others. I was deeply ashamed by my words, but now know the "young adults" (not kids) were right, 100%. I learned from my mistakes and we have moved on. We all need to remember that this is a site for information and no matter what other people post, we need to educate, not trash them, put them down, or even burn them at the stake. Unless they truly deserve it . . i.e. trolls.

You only got part of the story. There was more to it then what you saw.
Trixie, obviously you didn't see the posts Ly was talking about. She's not overreacting, she has every right to be angry. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they can behave like that and get away with it, there's no excuses no matter the age.
This forum is for mature responsible people. If she is still just a kid, than she needs to be told what is acceptable and what is not and that there are consequences to your actions, and that some places are not for those who cannot carry on conversations like a mature adult. She did a major no-no by bringing it to another forum, regardless of her age. She knows that that can get her banned, and yet she did it. She needed to be taught that lesson in life, that no matter how upset you are, there are rules to how you can take out that anger.
Well said Holli
Love_my_piggies said:
Trixie, obviously you didn't see the posts Ly was talking about. She's not overreacting, she has every right to be angry. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they can behave like that and get away with it, there's no excuses no matter the age.

UMM yes I read the entire post. I seen it from beginning to end. So you Obviously don't know what your talking about. Don't start saying things that are not true. Unless you know for a Fact. And you do not.

I never said that because they are kids they can behave like that. And yes there is excuses for peoples behavior. There is always a reason behind the wall on why ppl act the way they do. You lashing out at me WHY? Because you have a problem and want to take it out on me. Well sorry dear but that doesn't work with me.
I aslo agree that Yes Kelly should be banned what she did was wrong and she got what she asked for. From the beginning she was looking for some attention and she got it.
People may have an excuse for their behavior but it doesn't mean that it is exscusable. Just because people have a reason, doesn't make what their doing okay. I'm not lashing out at you, I 'm merely defending a diffrent opinion from you. Not everybody that has a diffrent view on things is out to get you or doesn't like you, it only means that they differ on some matters.
First of all Trixie, I'm not "lashing out" at you, I'm simply addressing your comments that kids will be kids and lash out. I don't have a problem that I'm taking out on you, I just think that there is no excuse for name calling and bad mouthing others. You see it the way you want and I see it the way I do, I'm just stating my opinion, no need to be so dramatic about it.

And by the way, since you "seen" the threads Ly was talking about, you should know that there was name calling and bad mouthing that was inexcusable regardless of age. Thats not what we're here for. We are here for the welfare of our guinea pigs.
Yet you jumped to banning someone before you even thought about it
Let me make it very, very clear that I did NOT ban poohbear from this forum. Teresa banned her. Teresa also banned kelly. But I can understand why T banned poohbear, her actions were inexcusable. She was not banned for the things she said, she was banned for what she did concerning the other forum.

I started this thread because I felt the need to vent not only as a member but as a moderator of this forum. I also wanted to issue the warning that badmouthing and namecalling will not be tolerated on this forum period. I also feel taking our forum problems or problems with other members to other forums is not only stupid but it hurts the reputation of our forum. If one member has a problem with another member, maybe they should try to talk the situation out in private messages or bringing it to the attention to the staff for moderation between the two parties.

I have to very much agree with this statement made by voodoojoint in another thread:
Stop taking C&C fights onto other forums. If you have something to say about a fight here then say it here. What you did was pretty tactless.
I understand that there are a pretty good number of children on this forum (and I consider anyone under the age of 18 a child), and the immaturity sometimes shows, as in petty arguments and namecalling as many of us saw between Slap and Pooh. If kids are going to be members and actively participate in this forum, they need to show that they are mature and responsible and can keep their emotions in check. Ly is right, no one here is better than any other member, so we all need to respect each other... and most importantly, remember that we're here for the pigs!
I didnt see what happened, so I have no ground to base an opinion on. However, I will say this, when I come to this site, I have found SO MUCH valuable information but there at times can be a lot of bickering between members. When I see childish behavior occurring, I tend to stop listening to anything that the member who has been childish is saying. I know that might not be right, but if they arent mature enough to deal w/ a heated situation in an appropriate manor, I would not put the welfare of my guinea pigs on their advice.

I think sometimes people need to think about the overall image they're giving themselves before they speak. I know we're all guilty of at some point in our life over reacting, but it isn't quite that hard to walk away from a computer screen. Afterall, you do have enough time to go through what you're saying while you're typing it all out. A heated moment is not an excuse for childish behavior on a forum.
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