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Very Excited about New Foster piggy!!


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Oct 26, 2011
Recently I started volunteering at a local shelter about 45 minutes away from my home and I was contacted by one of the other volunteers a few days ago saying that a guinea pig had been surrendered to the shelter. She knew about my piggies so on the 11th she will be bringing him to my home so that I may foster him until we may find him a new home!
the good news is that it turns out the little guy was already neutured so I do not have to worry about trying to bond him with my two males (because one of mine is very aggressive) I can put him in with some of my girls.
Only thing I'm worried about is I may get too attached to him while he is in my home. And I already have ten of my own! :D
Any advice about it would be great. My first real foster pig.
Congrats, fostering is great. And your worry makes total sense... if I had the room, none of my fosters would have left my house.

Don't forget to quarantine him if you plan on putting him in with your other pigs. I have never integrated my fosters with my herd, so I don't have any advice there. However, be sure to do proper intros if you are going to do that. Neutered boars, especially those who haven't been housed with sows, tend to be really aggressive when it comes to wanting to get to know his new lady friends better.
I have made plans to house him seperately during quarantine. I made a 2x3 cage for him. :) As for introducing him to the girls I was going to let him meet my girls during floor time to see how he responds to them. One of my sows (the oldest seeing as she is 4 1/2 years old) acts as a mother figure for all of my pigs and seeing as how the foster (Peanut) is less than a year old I am hoping she takes him under her wing and they will get along fine.
If things don't go so great I can house him seperately but it will be difficult as I have only ever had seperated males and females.

Would females fight at all if there was a neutured male in the same cage?
Actually, when we pair up a boar with multiple sows, it generally eases whatever tensions exist between the sows. The bigger issues are with overzealous boars, but you will figure that out during floor time. Good luck, you clearly are ready for this!
Thanks! I've been really excited to have my first foster! :) I've been speaking with the girl that currently has him quite often and I think I may be aggravating her because I have been calling often to check up on him and to see what she is feeding him/ bedding him on. LOL I Guess I'm just a bit excited.

Once I get him I'll post some pictures! And I'm sure i'll have more questions once he's in with my girls :)
Only thing I'm worried about is I may get too attached to him while he is in my home. And I already have ten of my own! :D
Any advice about it would be great. My first real foster pig.

congrats on your foster piggy..But boy 10 piggies of your own..Where do you keep them all.. Inside or outside..
I keep all of my piggies inside. I have a large metal rack that can hold up to four cages. It can hold up to a two by six
So tomorrow if the day that Betsy is going to bring Peanut over! Very nervous and excited!
I just read the whole thread and started getting nervous and excited too :crazy: good luck with him!
A neutered male should do fine with females. He won't necessarily be the alpha pig, though -- one of the ladies may claim that position for herself.
I have an idea that one of my ladies definately may take that alpha role. But I guess we shall see once Peanut is here and when they are interacting after his quarantine. :) Can't wait to get him out of his pet store cage and have him in a much larger, more comfortable surrounding.
Only four hours until he gets here!!
another question though! Inbetween touching him and touching my other piggies, shouldn't I wash my hands to be sure if he has anything or is carrying anything it won't transfer to my other piggies?
So we got him and he definately is a beautiful boy! But all of his front claws are curled under and sideways. Any helpful hints as how to trim his nails?
He's a big, cuddly boy. Very sweet <3 Will be posting pictures of him soon.
Can't wait to see him. I can't remember do you a name for him?
Here is Peanut our first foster! He opened up to me quickly and has been cuddling with me and eating fresh veggies from my hand. He is now also running around his new cage, popcorning everywhere! It's only a 2 x 3 but its over 3 times the size of his old cage! :) Very happy
EDIT: This puts our current piggy count at 11!! :D
Very Excited about New Foster piggy!!Very Excited about New Foster piggy!!Very Excited about New Foster piggy!!Very Excited about New Foster piggy!!
Peanut I love you colors. Glad you love you new foster home..
He is definately going to be in heaven. Once we are done with quarantine then he will go into a cage with 4 females since he is neutured. :)
He is too cute! Thanks for forstering that little sweetie pie!
How long will you have to quarantine him for?
I was thinking at the very least 1 week, see how he is after that. but his cage is in the room and all the other pigs are in the hallway. I feel so bad because he keeps crying to the other piggies and every time I take him out for cuddle time he runs right to their cage stand and starts standing up on his hind legs wheeking and then paces around the whole thing.
What can I do?! I feel so bad.
Quarantine should be 21 days and in a separate room from other pigs.
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