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Vermectin vs. Lyme


Cavy Slave
Dec 22, 2004
As an intro, we currently have 8 piggies - we have been gp parents for about 4 years. A couple things lately that I need a little assistance... This thread is related to Rikki, a Peruvian...

Rikki has scabs on his lower dorsal - They wash off with a bath, but grow back. Our vet scrapped today, but saw no mites under the microscope. None of the other piggies have this issue.

We could try a shot of Vermectin, but if it is anything other than mites or lice (which we would be able to see), then Vermectin would have no affect. "the book" says that Lyme will take care of virtually anything, including the other itchy things that gp's can get. Dipping in Lime Sulfur (Calcium Polysulfide) is a stinky proposition...

Has anyone here ever used Lime Sulfur? The other issue with Lime Sulfur is the concentration - the DVM medical books give concentrations of 20 to 1, or 25 to 1, but it does not say whether the 1 part is of the active ingredient or the whole solution.

Any thoughts?
NEVER EVER get a guinea pig dipped its not an option for guinea pigs. I got one of my pigs dipped and he died a few weeks later i cried for days because i found this site and learned, You should get a shot of Ivermectin because they dont really get any "itchy things" besides mites and lice. Mite are very very small and it may take lots of scrapings to find them. You should skip the scrapings it's a waste of money and unneccessary stress for your pig. See this page for info on ivermectin https://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html
I had a feeling that would be the answer... thx - I will get him the shot tomorrow.

Definitely no dipping. It is VERY painful to the pig and hardly necessary. Can pigs even get flees? I believe on GL it said no...
NO dipping.

It could be fungal as well. I would definitely treat for mites. False negatives are not unusual. If you don't have a great vet and you can't get a second opinion, I would treat it as both mites and fungal and then you've probably got it covered.

And the ivermectin doesn't need to be a shot. I prefer the oral method, many people do the topical method (3-4 treatments a week apart). Fungal treatment is a topical application of miconazole or some other anti-fungal cream.
Ivermectin can even be found in places other than the vet, check your local feed store.
The only ways you could get me to give my guinea pigs ivermectin myself is if i was a doctor or vet or a genius, i think going to the vet is the best idea.Also, that seems to be the way they do it at the vets with shots. The actual shot should cost about 10 bucks
Yes piggies can get fleas.

Skin scrapings don't always show mites. Most people over at GL would say that skin scrapings are useless. Have the vet check this piggie out for a fungal infection.

Here is a link to read:
Treating your cavy yourself is actually quite simple. We use the 1% solution so we do not need to dilute. You weigh your cavy and use the chart at Guinea Lynx for proper dosage.
Ivermectin is 100 times cheaper if you do it yourself, and its actually very easy. I did it for my friends pigs.
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