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Vehicle Rant...(massive sore spot here)


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Mar 4, 2012
Ok, we're looking at getting a second vehicle, when/if I get a job. My husband wants, something with decent cargo room, and with 4 doors. I'm like "Ok I can deal with a wagon"


There's the Subaru outback..way out of our price range. An Audi is cheaper!

Now, here's the rant.

WHY do North American Auto Makers THINK that we want these giant gas guzzling SUV/Crossover/Minivan type vehicles? I hate them. I HATE them so much. Like don't get me wrong, I love a good sports car. I love the feeling of handling, grip..power..(yeah not terribly fuel efficient, but hella fun) But SUV/Crossovers usually get worse mileage than my old 2000 Mercury Cougar.

I'm a naturally short person, I LIKE being close to the ground, being high up in a moving vehicle gives me nasty vertigo.

But anyway, back to the environmental thing. SUV's/Crossovers...such a obvious "Hey we're the oil industry's pawns here in North America" statement. WHY do they have to be so high? What's wrong with a good old wagon? They're cars, they handle like cars and not an oversized bovine..

So, other than the Subaru Outback...is there any other estate/wagon in North America anymore? I know there's an Audi A4 Avant..but $$$$$$$$$$$ (if I could get the diesel version there's sweet mileage there..)

How do you balance environment and family needs? I'm not a green freak by any means but it does pay off to be contientious at the pump..
I bought my Subaru Outback for $6000, with 120,000 miles on it. I just sold it with almost 300,000 miles on it for $600, 6 years later.

For the money, and the all wheel drive is fabulous, I suggest getting a nice, used Subaru. They just last forever.
Yeah they do last forever, which means...no one wants to part w/em! lol local auto trader doesn't have many up here. only 2 within reasonable driving distance from me.
I'm 5'3, about 100 lbs and need a small car. I've always bought small four doors with fold down back seats for space to move things. My current car is a Sebring and I can't fit huge things in there but there's enough space to bring things home like trees or things that are long but not real wide. We've always bought new cars but the one exception was when we bought my daughter a car. A dealership nearby "loans" cars to the local high school for drivers ed and they return it at the end of the year. Back in 2006, we got her a Saturn, with 4000 miles on it and full warranty, very cheap. I usually buy mine new, but after the new models come out and always get a good buy. I hate paying a lot for gas so I stick with smaller cars. I'd never consider a hybrid, though. I read that their cost is much more than the money you'll save on gas.
yeah, DH is thinking "We drive cross country while we move, we'll need the trunk space when we can't fold the seats down (2 kids) he's thinking for the Piggies, and their stuff, and our luggage, and stuff. *sigh* I'm like A Dodge Caliber can do that! A small set of Cubes with the connectors and a small thing of coroplast is good for the pig cages at hotels..fold flat easy peasy...Pick up a small thing of veg at the local grocery store, no need for the cooler. Stuff like that. Caliber has more than enough trunk space (It has more than our Cougar!) and it's a decent car. Oh well. The Cougar won't be running forever, so when it needs to be retired into storage before a classic rebuild...I can pass off the monster to DH and I can get myself a cute little Fiat or Mini..
We are having the same problem. We are leaning on a Nissan Virsa 5 door (all the big auto makers have a similar model), but I'm not sure the cargo space will hold up for what we want. I saw a Kia Rondo in a parking lot the other day. It was a small crossover with 3 rows of seats. I haven't done any research on it at all but it looked like something we were interested in. My friend has a Ford Flex she seems very happy with. Then there are always mini-vans....
I...HATE minivans. So much open space...I feel vulnerable lol. Not only that, transmissions die so quickly in them...

I only have 2 kids. I don't need anything that huge...
Yeah I feel the same way. Just thought I would throw it out there. My husband is trying to push for something with a third row of seats so we can grow into our new car but we only have 2 kids, and are not having any more, so I don't know what growth he is expecting. lol. By the time we are transporting kids friends around we will have a different car.
Personally I LOVE a minivan. At first, I felt as you said, vulnerable. But as I got used to it...I don't anymore. It just feels like a car. And its not like driving a big SUV. It sits like a car would. I love it. But it is higher sitting than our Camry. BTW, I have a Nissan Quest. Good luck on your hunt for a new car! Thats always such a huge pain (for me anyway). We have 3 kids and lots of animals (2 dogs, 2 GP's, 2 Hamsters, and 2 mice...I guess we like em in 2's).
I dunno I just can't stand them. I don't need anything like that...Like I only have 2 kids..and now 4 GP's but GP's don't take up that much room (all 4 can fit in a cat carrier for a trip, well once Tony grows up and gets neutered lol )

We're probably gonna save up for a down payment for an Audi A4 Avant. Yes it's a little on the pricey side, but, it's loaded, and 4wd. Subaru's cost the same, without nearly the amount of stuff that the Audi comes with.
I have a Subaru forester that I love! I have two kids and we camp a lot with two dogs. We have a roof rack with a cargo carrier and it is perfect.
I've been looking at a lot of cars because we need to trade in the Mustang for a 4 door sedan. I drive a MDX (talk about gas guzzler!). We want our other car to be better on gas, but my fiance is anti wagon so we're looking at sedans. However, the mazda 3 wagon, the honda fit, and the vw golf 4 door (comes in diesel) all do well on gas, have a back hatch and 4 doors. Yes, the U.S car manufacturers are not keeping up with this in between car industry, and it is sad. Good luck!
I've been looking, and the Mazda CX-5 seems to be the car for me. Practical...yet FUN. :D
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