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Parasites Using Lice N Easy to treat Lice?


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Jan 29, 2013
Alright so my two boys apparently have lice, I can see the little worm like bodies on them. I can also see some of the nits (eggs) on Lightning. Now Gorgeous Guinea makes a shampoo called Lice n' Easy it is specifically for lice on guinea pigs. I know most people say no shampoo for parasites on guinea pigs, so would it be safe to treat with the Lice N' Easy? I also already have the pour on Ivermectin on hand, but the gorgeous guinea site actually saids it's not needed since lice aren't blood suckers. What do you all think?
Does anyone have insight into my question?
Make sure that if you have any guinea pigs who are not infected that you take care not to spread them.

The Ivermectin is only useful in killing lice if used topically, another product you could use is Advantage (imidacloprid), I have no idea about the shampoo though.

You are right lice are not blood suckers, they typically eat dead skin but they may still irritate your guinea pig to the point where they cause excessive scratching.
@Soecara Yeah I only have two guinea pigs and they both have it. I will be doing the Ivermectin just in case.
I don't know what's in that shampoo.

Definitely treat with either ivermectin or Advantage, or Revolution.
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