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Animal Welfare Urgent Advice/Help needed (not sure if this is the right place)


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Jun 27, 2006
I rescued 4 pregnant mice at a petshop today. I went in to buy carefresh because the place I normally go was closed. My son noticed that there was a female mouse in the male tank. We talked to an associate who said that any pregnant mice were written off as a loss and "taken care of." But wouldn't let me know specifically what "taken care of" meant. I assume it meant killed. So I talked them into letting me take the 4 females that were in there for free. Now I have 4 pregnant female mice and I'm not totally sure how to take care of them. I've been Googling info but there are conflicting stats on if I can leave them all together or if I need to separate them to have their babies alone. They all get along well so I'd hate to separate them and then not be able to reintroduce them later, but I'd also hate to keep them together and have one eat another's babies or something.

If anyone knows anything about raising baby mice please let me know. Plus if this thread needs to be moved somewhere else please just let me know or move it. I reported the pet shop to the local SPCA and they said they would follow up because even if they were "feeder" mice it's illegal to kill them just because they got pregnant due to human error.

Years ago, and I mean YEARS ago, I bred mice for my mom's snakes... I know shudder.
I had 3 females to one male, all kept in the same tank. The females all took care of the babies. I never took them away from each other.

My advice, if they were in the cage you got them from together, leave them together. If your really worried then by all means move them into different cages.

I would never suggest breeding now. When I did breed mice I was 18 I think, and wasn't educated like I am today. That was 7 years ago.

Also something you may or may not know, the fluff you buy for mice and hammies are not all that safe. I would suggest taking tissue paper (for when you blow your nose) and rip it up. This makes amazing bedding.
Thanks for the reply. I called and spoke to a friend who owns the pet supply shop I normally go to, they don't sell animals at all but know a lot about all sorts of animal care. She also said that I could leave them together if they were already acclimated to each other and they would most likely take care of each others babies. She didn't mention the store bought fluff but I'd already put some toilet paper in there for them since I hadn't bought any fluff. Thanks for that info, I won't buy any now. What about bedding? I have a combo of some carefresh and aspen in there. Is the aspen going to be too rough? I can go to the store tonight and get enough carefresh to use only carefresh but didn't have enough at the time and had some leftover aspen from when we used that with the pigs.

Thanks again for the information. I felt so bad for the poor mice knowing they were going to be killed simply because they were pregnant, I know they were most likely snake food anyway but my heart went out to them. My daughter is thrilled since she loves mice and is just in heaven. She's already thinking of names.

Can you imagine, if each mouse can have 12-14 babies and we have 4 pregnant mice....oh we're in trouble. We'll have to find homes for a BUNCH of mice.
Carefesh, Aspen, or even Hemp are all great bedding. I try to stay clear of shavings with pet store mice because they usually have issues with it, but hemp shavings are really nice. Mommy mice will also pick the softest stuff out of all of it so don't worry about that.

Another thing to point out, males tend to fight, more than guinea pigs. I got my Chi-Chi (RIP) after his cage brother nearly killed him. Females can live together so try rehoming them maybe 2 or more at a time (Or keeping them all. ;) )
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