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Play Updated on my lil Girls !!


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Mar 22, 2012
Hello...I have been away for a few. I just haven't had much time to keep up with the website and post new things about my little girls. And i know it will be touch and go for a few, cause i will be goin in for surgery soon. I have missed reading and seeing everyone's pictures of their little piggies. Anyways enough about me....LOL

First...Miss Mocha ( our oldest girl ) She has been doin good, She is still pretty shy and don't like to be handled much. But she is the calmest when she is being held. She has lost a little bit of weight, but it's from the other two girls keeping her busy with their play. She still is our silent little girl, she hardly makes a sound. I really don't think i have really ever heard her make a noise..! But i love when she gives her little kisses....She is a sweet little girl..!!

Second...Miss Reeses ( our second girl ) She is something else. She is the first one to come up to us, first to start wheeking when we walk bye or she hears the fridge door open. She is also VERY curious, she has to check everything out, no matter what it is. She will be scared at first, but it doesn't take her long to give her opinion about things. She also likes to know what i'm doin when i go in to clean their cage.....and she will have a fit if she is not in there with me. She is soooo funny. She was our biter...She is gettin better about that, she doesn't bite as much. She has been looked over and been treated for mites, so i know mites are not the reason why she bites. She just hates being in anything where she feels trapped. Miss reeses is gettin spoiled...she thinks that i have to hold her carrot for her, if i lay it down she won't touch it unless the other girls are trying to get it...Silly girl ! She has changed a lot sense we first got her, it's amazing to see all the changes she has made..!!

Third...Miss Coconut ( our 3rd girl )..!! What to say about my little miss prissy..!! She is doin so much better, she is gaining weight and looks so much healthier than when we first got her. She still is our little Fluff ball...her hair is so crazy and wild..!! She still is kinda shy, but she is taking after Reeses on the wheeking when we walk bye or the sound of the fridge door opening. She will let us know when it is Veggie time...she loves her greens..!! She is so hard to keep clean sense she is solid white, she always looks like she has a goatee...LOL !! I have to wash her chin often..!! I'm so glad we brought her into our family....she is such a joy !!

Just a little update on our girls...!! They are all very much spoiled and healthy. Ohhhh and they love these Orange drops i have found them...they have to have 1 every night before bed, they will all look up at me until i give them one....then they will run off and go munch on them..!! it's so cute to watch !! Our spoiled little girls !!! I will try to be more active again....but it looks like it might be a little more after surgery....I have SO MANY CUTE PICTURES TO POST !!! Talk to ya all later !!!

Sounds like a lot of fun. Your girls sound adorable. I only have one guinea pig and she is very sweet and clam and talks a lot when you pet and hold her. I want to get her a friend but have to wait a little bit.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Updated on my lil Girls !!This is princess Leia shes hanging out with me on the computer desk with me. I take her everywhere.
Good luck with your surgery hope everything goes well
I know how life can take over and the internet tends to get neglected. Thanks for updating us on your little piggies! I'd love to see pictures, I'm sure at least coconut has gotten bigger!! Out of curiosity - what orange drops have you been giving them?? I hope your surgery goes well! Keep us posted :) Maybe it'll be easier to get in here when you're recovering and trying to rest...

@TigerLily - your piggy Princess Leia is adorable!! Why do you have to wait to get her a friend?
For Schavarry :)

Um.... well my husband was not too happy about the idea of getting a guinea pig and I really had to talk him into it. So I just have to wait for the right time to bring it up. I got Leia at the shelter for 5 dollars with cage ( which I was not counting on, I was going to use my old ferret cage) I really dont understand why she was there in the first place Leia is very sweet and cliam. I dont think the previous owners were taking care of her at all because when I got her, her nails were starting to curl under they were so long. But shes in a good home now with lots of attention and things to do. I bought her a childs wading pool (i think thats whats its called) to make her a playpen durning the day when we are home then when we go out or go to bed she goes back in her cage. When there is another guinea pig at the shelter I'm going to pick her up because I'm totaly ready and have a good setup to bring in another. My husband just dont know my real plans it yet. ;)
Correction I messed up ,word error , sounds stupid, couldnt take and had to fix it ***My husband just dont know my real plans yet.*****
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