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Update on friends pigs...


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Aug 4, 2004
Ok, most of you know the story about my 'friend' at work who had the pigs...well, I wasn't going to take them until he told me that he was going to take them to the shelter. Well...don't freak out...I have them here safe at my house now. I totally cried on the way home too. One was in a very small hampster cage...that he had two in!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! And the other was in a small 'guinea pig' cage from the store. it was too small too. But then to top it all off they had no bedding at the bottom of their cage except poop. They were walking around in their poo!!!!!!! I was so angry! I feel so bad that I didn;t get them sooner. I wish I would have because then maybe the other ones wouldn't be dead. Man. I was so sickened. I literally wanted to vomit.

So now they are here. I took 'Felix" (I named him that because I didn't care to ask jerk wad what he named them) and put him in my pigs floor time cage with a box folded up underneath and a fleece blanket of ours on top. I put a ton of hay in there (by the way...neither pig had hay, and he didn't have any at his house) and he's been munching on it since then. I gave him a cozy...something he's never seen I'm sure. They had no hiding places there. New bowls (his was DISGUSTING! I threw it out) and a new water bottle (his was full of green crap from not being washed at all with vitimins in it...*shivers*) and she has clean bedding with all of the above that he has, but she's still in her cage. It's a bit small, but since she's alone I thought it would be ok for temporary. I don't know where else to put her! Oh, and btw...her bottle was empty. Bone dry. I am SO angry at him. I left his house and balled my eyes out. He told me that he was going to take them today and I told him not to. I'll take them. But I had to clear it with hubby. Thank the lord he said ok! He wants me to find new homes for them, but at least they will have some quality in their life now.

Surprisingly they look pretty healthy. I thought that maybe he wasn't feeding them, but they look like they have been eating. Felix has a bit of missing hair on his back legs, but it's not scabby and he's not itching. Any ideas on what that could be? I thought that maybe it was just malnutrition or something. I don't know. I looked him over well though. I couldn't get into his mouth, but I'm going to try again tomorrow. I also have to clean his bum because I know that hasn't been done...ever I'm sure. And thanks to OCCH I know how to do it.

If anyone lives in Orange county and is looking to adopt...let me know! I'll post pics on my site tommorrow and leave a link so you can see them. I took pics of his cage and the stuff at the bottom...I am going to call animal control tomorrow and see if I can have him reported for animal neglect. I don't know though because they had food and 'water' and they were not outside or anything. I am so mad I can just...puke.
Kudos to you. Whatever you can do make his life miserable is a good thing.
HAHAHAAA...I will. I might just have his butt fired too!
Thank you for everything you've done for the little guys!
Good for you! I am soo gald you saved/rescued them! How many of them died? I remember you saying one died, but I thought there were 5 and you only rescued 3, what happened to the other one?
There was original four. Two sows two boars. One of the boars died about two months or so ago, then about two weeks ago one of his sows died. I knew I had to find them homes but I wasn't going to take them to my house in case there was medical issues that I can't afford to handle. Thank God there isn't as of yet. But then when he said the girl died too I have been trying to butter my hubby up about it. And last night it all hit the fan and here they are. Felix and Emma. And as I thought it's going to be really hard to let them go because I already feel attached to them. I feel bad though because they are by themselves. I'm going to call animal control in a few after my kids have gone to school. Grrr...I'll keep you updated.
oh ok! Well atleast you were able to save 2 of them. He is very irresponsible... grrr..... I have no idea where I got the idea there was 5 piggies.... Yes keep us updated!
do whatever you can crazy cuz thats animal leglet. My hubby and I rescued 2 piggies and 2 gerbals. They all are so cute and sweet.
That's great! Those poor little babies! I got a little teary just reading what you wrote! Post pictures soon! (I live in So. Cal. too)
Wow, thank you sooo much ccm!!! I love you. Make his life miserable like his pigs' were. Thank you!!! =)

I hope they are ok, you should get them checked out for the scabs. I've never heard of it before. It could be from lack of vit. c (scurvy) which is VERY serious. I hope everything goes well!

Oh, and you should take pics NOW!!! If you have the water bottle and food dishes somewhere take pics of those as well. You'll need the evidence!
OOOOHH! i HATE that guy!!! (no, thats an INSULT to the guys!) CCM, you should DEFFINATELY call animal control!!! make him miserable! I was shaking by the time I was done reading this thread

how are they? have you posted pics? I live in so. CA, too. i'm hoping to adopt from OCCH soon. (i now this is irrevlelant, but di ya know that emma on their website turned out to be a EMMET?)

co, cccm. where are the PIGTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, i LOVE pictures.
Good luck with the piggies!!! That guy is a loser!! And he should get charged for animal cruelty!! He really should!!! How could someone do that?? GRR!!!!
yea, how hard is it there in orange county to file for animal cruelty?
I think this man should have thought about getting guinea pigs before he got them. He should have researched on them, he should have known what to house them in, what bedding or to even use bedding. He was being irresponsible and should be punished, if from a fine or even probation possibly. I'm proud of you CCM! You saved 2 piggies lives, and now they can have a normal, happy guinea life. I pray the other two not-so-fortunate guineas have their own happy lives now up in piggy heaven, get all the bedding, food, water, hay, and toys their heart desires! And I'm positive the pigs you rescued are going to have a great life now that they are away from that man. I don't mean to go all hateful on him, he just didn't know how to take care of them. He needs to be punished so he learns never to make that same mistake again and make another helpless animals life miserable.
yeah, no doubt. I told everyone at work so they know not to give him any more animals!! And I made him look like an ass. lol

OK, well I called animal control and they said that since #1 they had food and 'water', #2 they were out of the elements, and #3 because I took them first instead of calling they can't do anything. They said if I had called them first, they would have sent an officer out there to investigate. And they would have wrote him a ticket (hopefully) and warned him. Supposedly they would have gone back to check the conditions of the animals and if they didn't improve then they would have taken action against him. I'm not sure what that entails but it didn't sound promising. And I told them that he had a dog and even though I didn't see it, it probably wasnt in good shape either, so they are (supposedly) going to check it out. I was ticked (censored) off. Did I mentiont hat there was maggots in Emma's cage!? And they can't do anything. I made sure he understands that he shouldn't have animals if he can't take care of them.

The pigs are doing well. There was a scare with Emma because she wasn';t eating, but I figured out what the problem was. She doesn't like pellets. She likes her veggies. And she probably didn't eat them yesterday because she was stressed out form the move. But she LOVES lettuce and ate like three leaves. I wouldn't normaly give my pigs that much, but she's thin and I'm thinkin anything she eats is fine with me! She also likes brussel sprouts.

Felix is adjusting to his new life well. He has realized that he is a spoiled pig and takes advantage. He likes being spoiled. He loves to eat and loves carrots! lol

I have pics in a fotki album of his cage if anyone wants to view it. If there's a password it'll be 'cavycreations'.

(broken link removed)
I love the pictures. Do you have any of Emma?
CCM, KUDOS TO YOU!!!!!!!! How happy he looks!
I do have some of Emma, but I haven't uploaded them yet because my cam was drenched with water!!! It finally dried out today and is working. I think it'll be able to put them onto the PC. Anyway, I'll try tonight. I didn't get any of her cage because although her cage was bigger, it was in WAY worse shape with the maggots and everything so I didn't think about takeing pics of it, I just wanted to get her out of it! But I have after shots.
That cage was sooo tiny! And dirty! He is really pretty though....
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