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Rabbits Update and I need Advice


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Oct 16, 2011
Okay, I really hated it but I had to get rid of Coco. I gave her to a very loving place here in GA where she can roam and have some bunny friends. Im worried about Barcklay tho, he isnt being himself. All he does is aly around. Eevn when i let open his cage to let him run around, freely. Could he be depressed? How do i get him out of his funk?
is this the middle of a longer story? why did you have to give Coco away? sorry if i missed the previous posts.
No, its not. I couldnt take care of her the way she should have been. I have timefor one rabbit. :p So i gave her to this rabbit rescue in GA
Is Barcklay a rabbit or guinea pig? Were they housed together? Sounds like he is lonely for his friend. Rabbits are social critters also. They do better with a friend of their own kind.
They were both rabbits. I feel like crap for giving her away but i had to do it :(
If they were a bonded pair he is grieving for her. I am sorry you had to get rid of her. Rabbits really do better with a friend.
They wernt bonded but i had them right next to eachother in different cages for quite sometime. :p
There isn't really a huge difference in one or two rabbits . . well from my own experience anyways.
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