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Unknown Dental Problem


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Oct 8, 2004
I am taking my guinea pig to the vet tomorrow, but I'm anxious and upset right now, so I need a chance to vent ... and see what everyone else has to say about my problem.

My pig, Son-of-Pig, was born in Feb. of 04; I've had him since birth, so I'm very familiar with his routine and behavior. Tonight, when I making the treat rounds (to all 11 of my pigs!), I noticed that Son-of-Pig would not take his piece of lettuce from my hands like he usually does. Son-of-Pig loves lettuce more than anything else in the world, so I immediately became worried.

My husband held him and I gently opened his mouth. His bottom incisors look fine, but his top incisors look like they've been reduced to little nubs. There is still a small portion of teeth present on top, but it appears as if they either got chipped or fell out.

In addition, it looks as if his gums or part of his palate are overgrowing the nubs of teeth left on top. The gum is very swollen around what's left of his two top teeth, almost as if it's a growth.

I've been looking on various web sites, but I can't find anything similar to what I've described. We'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow, of course, but in the meantime, if anyone knows anything at all about this, it would greatly set my mind at ease.

We lost a guinea pig about a year ago to cancer - and I"m terribly afraid that Son-of-Pig may suffer the same fate.

Thanks for any information you might have.
I don't know what it could be, but I wish you the best of luck tomorrow at the vet.
Have you looked at www.guinealynx.com? They have some teeth experts there and relevant threads. Do you weigh them? Is he eating okay?
I looked on guinealynx but didn't see anything similar to what I described. I'll check again, though, just to be sure.

Son-of-Pig has been eating fine, until tonight. We're on a "pig schedule" so that at the very least, they all get checked-on by me four times a day and at least twice a day by my husband. And for his first 2 checks of the day, he seemed fine. At treat time last night, he grabbed the lettuce away from me like he always does and ate it without a problem. Today, though, he wouldn't take his lettuce.

I checked on him a little while ago, and he's managed to eat some of the lettuce, along with some of his carrot and pellet food .... so I know he's able to eat a little, at least, and he can drink without a problem. But it seems so strange that between last night or even earlier today and tonight, something bizarre happened to his top teeth.

I jsut feel terrible about this - Son-of-Pig is very special to me. I can't stand the thought that something might be wrong with him and cause me to lose him.
When my pig broke his teeth he couldent tear or bite his food into piecies. So I hand fed him for about two weeks untill the teeth grew back.

Im so sorry about everything thats happened to you. Please keep us posted on his progress.
It could be that the top teeth broke, and because the bottom teeth have nothing to wear against, they've overgrown and made the gum opposite sore. Or perhaps whatever happened to knock the teeth out cause injusry to the gums.

The vet is the best best to check this out, and trim the bottom ones if necessary. He/ she can check the back teeth are okay and perform an xray if anything looks suspicious. In the meantime just make sure you cut all his veggies in to ribbons, and hand feed him if he can't take food himself.

Hope he's okay.
Hey Guys! I am happy to report that Son-of-Pig is fine, thank goodness. We took him to the vet yesterday and found out that his top incisors broke, and the left one was fractured in the stump that was left. So the vet trimmed off the fractured part, evened out his top teeth, and trimmed his bottom incisors down a little. The swelling was his frenulum, which was irritated from the fractured tooth; the swelling has already diminished, and he's doing fine with eating. He snatched his lettuce away from me this morning. I am so relieved! Thanks for all your support.
Great News!
Whew! That's excellent. Thanks.
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