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Jan 1, 2012
:sad:So I joined this to try and figure out what to do. First We have had Pigs for almost 2 years now. The first one was alright but it was lonely so we got it another one (both males) they got into a fight when we were gone and the big one killed yes thats right killed the new one. I didn't think they even did this. Then shortly after the other one died for unknown reason. So we waited a while before getting another on only because our land lord will not let us have a dog or cat. which I love I love dogs and cats.well all animals just that some I don't think make very good pets per say. Anyway the new one Jumped out of a open cage door when it was being feed don't know why just jumped and broke its little leg the first week we had it so we brought it back to the store like they told us to if something happened. Well they said there was nothing they could do and it would have to be put to sleep. Well this disturbed me and I would not let them as I though I could help it. So I made a cast and got Antibiotics from a vet friend. Well It died too. So We went 6 months with no pet. But we really wanted a pet so I tried to persuade my land lord for a dog to no a vale. We now have another pig female this time hoping for better luck. No the case this one is fine health wise but when I stopped to think about it I don't know if I really even like these things. I mean They have a right to live and all, but for pet sake well they kinda suck. This one just $!@*# and eats and $!@*# some more she pees all over me and everyone else. We took her food away for 10 hours once because she just wont stop eating. She then eat EVERY piece of poop EVERY one in the cage. Some poop eating is natural but WTF. You cant play with them You know play. You have them in your lap for more then 15 minute and you will get $!@*# on or peed on. So what I am asking is WHY why do you people love these things so much am I missing something or what???? I guess one day I just over thought this son called pet. I think it might end up on Craig list. But I am afraid as to who might take it. I don't want it to end up as snake food or something. What makes these things enjoyable???
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I am speechless, I think "No the case this one is fine health wise but when I stopped to think about it I don't know if I really even like these things. I mean They have a right to live and all, but for pet sake well they kinda suck. This one just ... and eats and ... some more she pees all over me and everyone else. We took her food away for 10 hours once because she just wont stop eating. " Sums it up please think long and hard before getting another pet of any type.
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Hi there, uh, "Person" and welcome to the forum. I'm going to address your points in the order you listed them.

It is exceedingly unlikely that guinea pigs would fight so severely that they would kill one another ... Unless they were fighting and fighting severely for days with no intervention, which given your own description of your stellar pet care wouldn't surprise me terribly.

I'm also skeptical of the story of a pig jumping out of a cage and breaking its leg. Guinea pigs are generally frightened, skittish animals and in several years and hundreds of pigs experience I have never had one randomly jump out of the cage at feeding time. Being dropped seems more likely, to me. But I would guess that euthanasia would have been far more humane. Furthermore, the antibiotic you got from a "vet friend" might not have been a cavy safe one and might have caused death in and of itself.

Guinea pigs are grazers and NEED to eat constantly - taking away her food for 10+ hours is ridiculously cruel and irresponsible.

Please consider taking her to a reputable shelter and absolutely refrain from owning any other animals. They can provide her the care and companionship she needs and won't be disgusted with her.

I can assure you that if you have such a hard time with a sweet, relatively low maintenance guinea pig, a dog might just put you over the edge.

If you're genuinely interested in learning about what wonderful companions these animals are and all there is to love about them, you are in the right place. Look around. You might be surprised to find that with a little love, patience, understanding and humane kindness, these creatures are wonderfully endearing and infinitely loveable.
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Do we have an admin who can ban this person? You are clearly here just to piss people off and you don't deserve to have any animal join your family....guinea pig, dog or cat.
Probably best not to ban this person.
Hopefully, he/she will be able to gather some much needed info so that more informed decisions can be made. If banned, where would the best info come from?

Person, Guinea pigs are not for everyone. They won't play fetch with you like a dog or chase a feather on a stick for hours like a cat.
Please learn more about guinea pigs BEFORE you get another one.
They are sweet little animals. If you are not interested in the one you have, please take it to a shelter.
I am an admin, actually, and in the interest of giving this new person the benefit of the doubt, we are going to treat this as though it's serious until proven otherwise. I'll thank all members to dispense with troll speculation and talk. If it becomes apparent that that is what is going on, we'll deal with it. Thank you.
Thank you Paula, my first post in reply to this was much less kind even after I waited an hour to settle down. I feel sorry for people like that and any children or pets that may cross paths with them.
Hello and welcome. After reading your post, I think it would be in best interest for you and the piggie if you took the piggie to a reputable rescue. This way the piggie will get a chance for a good life, with someone who really loves cavies.
I agree that you should do thorough research on any pets you plan to get in the future. It will be better for both you and the pet to understand what you are getting into before you jump right in and don't know what to expect. Please keep us updated on any of your plans, we are here to help if need be.
Hello and welcome,
I agree with the previous posters, bringing the piggie to a rescue is probably the best thing for you both at this point. As far as why we love them, I cant speak for everyone but I love the looks that my pigs give me, thier squeaks and weeks are the cutest. I dont know how long you have had your piggie but after a while they do warm up and become very good pets. Its true that they dont fetch, but mine watch TV, cuddle with my dog and my son. They are very loving and lovable creatures if given a chance. If you decide to give your pig a chance we are here to help.
The only advice I can give you is that you get a zhu zhu pet.
I'm sorry but this post highly disturbed me. I have never owned guinea pigs before and I'm actually getting my first pair today, but I can tell you that usually for most small rodents, they will pee and poop on you. I had a rabbit and we'd had him for some time, but he still peed and pooped on me and on my bed when I would play with him. I also had plenty of hamsters and they did the same thing.

I also agree with Paula. I don't think an animal would just randomly jump out of his/her cage. My rabbit never did and none of my hamsters ever did. And from what I've seen, the only time guinea pigs jump is when they popcorn. If it did jump, you probably had her in a small cage and didn't give her any floor time or lap time so she felt cramped and wanted some room.

The one thing that really struck me was how you gave your pig antibiotics from a 'vet friend.' I don't even think that's legal. I would assume you'd need a prescription for animal medication as you do for humans. You should never give an animal something that wasn't recommended for them.

I don't see why you got another guinea pig. You don't seem to have good luck with them, but that could be because you're getting yours from a pet store. Oh, and that reminds me, if your first two boys fought, you probably didn't introduce them properly and just set them in the cage and then didn't supervise them. If you would have watched how they interacted, that could have easily been prevented.

Do more research before you get any other animal. Don't just buy one from a pet store on a whim. Really look into it and think about it. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I just hope you realize that you need to be prepared and know what to expect.

Then again, everything I've typed here may be wrong. In that case, I apologize for my ignorance. I'm just putting in my opinion.
OMG, I have tears in my eyes! Poor little piggies, all of them! :weepy:
Another fine example of someone who should not own critters. :mad:
So.. how is the piggy? If person is near where I am I will take her, if person feels like they can no longer care for her.
This is just such a sad story. I feel very bad for that piggie and now am so worried about her being in an unloving home and neglected. As others' have said, please do your research before getting any other animal. That is what is so great about the internet, there is an abundance of information out there.

For example, I just rescued a red-eared slider turtle who was in very bad conditions. I have never owned this type of animal but the first thing I did was look up information on them so I know what to expect and how to feed and house it so it will have a wonderful life with me.

Please let us know how the piggie is doing. I hope you find a good home or take it to a reputable rescue.
Dear Person,

I hope you choose to take your guinea pig to a good shelter who will find a good home for her rather than placing her on craigslist.

As for the rest of your "experience" with guinea pigs or your post, I will just agree to disagree with you and hope that for animals sake your landlord continues to enforce a no pet policy.
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