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Weight Underweight Piggy

Pretty Piggies

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Sep 13, 2011
I weighed my omega pig today, Kaya, and she has lost 2 ounces. She now doesn't even weigh 2 pounds (she used to). Kaya lives with her sister Paddy in a 3 by 2 C&C cage (looking to expand it soon to a 4 by 2 with a 1 by 2 hay loft). They are fed Oxbow hay, pellets (unfortunely right now it's Kaytee but it doesn't include colored bits, seeds, nuts. Next time I go I will try to get Oxbow, didn't have a choice this time) Her and her littermate get the daily cup of veggies each (2 slices of either green or yellow bell peppers, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, zucchini, apples and carrots (couple times a week carrots, apples not nearly so often, parsely, cilantro,). What am I doing wrong?
It would never hurt to have a vet visit, and a simple evaluation normally doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I know one of my piggies lost weight as she got sick, and she kept going downhill. Unfortunately she had genetic issues regarding bladder/kidney stones, but the weight loss was the first sign of things going down hill. While your piggie may have something much more simple, and could be cured with medicine, it is a good idea to get a vet opinion. Remember, piggies are animals of prey and hide their illness very well.
Per Guinea Lynx's "Weigh Weekly" page, two ounces of fluxuation in weight is a bit of a cause for concern. As PassionPiggies said, your guinea pig may be hiding an illness and it's definitely worth checking out by a cavy-savvy vet.
Hay should be available at all times, and pellets should be limited to about 1/4 cup daily per adult pig. It sounds like you're already doing that, so my other suggestion would be to try feeding a wider variety of vegetables and to consult the veggie charts here for more help: https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...y-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html.

Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary with Kaya (check these symptoms)? How often do you weigh her? When did you start noticing her weight loss? At what rate was she losing weight?
I hadn't weighed her in awhile. About a month sadly. Before she had been keeping her two pounds nicely but when I weighed her she had lost two ounces. None of those symptoms. Well, she doesn't eat much when I'm around except when she feels safe. She does seem not to eat quite as much as she is supposed to, but she has always been like that because of her fatso sister. :p I didn't think it was that much she was missing though.
Reasons Why Your Piggy May be Underweight:

Many guinea pigs who are stressed eat less than the ones who are not stressed. If your piggies are stressed they may lose weight. To prevent stress and potential weight loss make sure your piggy is in a safe environment with no risk of predators or animals who will steal their food. One suggestion is to place your underweight piggy in a separate area away from your other 'chubby' pig so that your smaller pig will be able to eat without threat. (If you do this add some objects your piggy is used to so she will become more comfortable eating in this area.)

Changes: Remember any changes made to or around your guinea pig in the past couple of weeks and rectify them, like if you changed their food or bedding, they might become stressed out.

When pigs are sick they often lose weight, and rarely show it due to the fact that they are prey animals and they don't want enemies to know their weaknesses.

How To Fix It:

Go to to an Exotic Vet:
Exotic vets specialize in pets like guinea pigs, so that's why you should consult them first. Many of these exotic Vets will recommend giving your piggy an extra dietary supplement that comes in the form of a powder. Piggies love this powder (most of the time) and will usually eat it right out of your hand! This powder can also be added to water in most cases, too.

Thanks! I will try to get her to eat somewhere else and see if it helps. If the weight loss doesn't stop, I will take it to the next level. :)
You might put her in your lap and give her some extra veggies that her sister doesn't get.

Also, it's a good idea to weigh her at least weekly, at the same time of day. Before you feed her in the morning is probably the best time -- that way her weight won't fluctuate during the day depending on how much she eats.
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