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C&C Alternatives ummm?


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Dec 25, 2011
ive never heard of putting GP's in this thing?

(broken link removed) :eek:
I can only imagine it is something breeders use.
that looks like a cruel place to keep them . it looks like something a mass breeder for profit only would use :O. its not alot of room for them either poor things and theres no sunlight ! :(
how did you find that?

PS : you jioned exactly the day before me lol just saying :)
i typed in "guineapigs" and pop there is this thing, def a bredding tool.

P.S.S. lol strange.
yeah .. i could never put a piggie in there :( it just seems so cruel :'( .
Breeding storage. So awful :(
to be kind of random im quite curious.. how did you guys make an avatar?! :( im horrid with computers and cant do it ..
That person has been trying to sell that bin for weeks! Such a yucky thing. It is for mass breeding rodents, mice, rats, guineas, ect.
should we flag it?
If you watch the undercover video from PETA about petsmarts animals (I cannot remember the name of the company Rainbow something or other) this is what they use for the "rodent" containment.
That's awful. I'd buy it just to get rid of one or two. Break it apart and turn it into something good.
I've seen those used for hatching out dozens and dozens of eggs-the eggs are in the drawers, and the whole thing rolls into a huge incubator. When they hatch, they are immediately taken out of these things. At least, humane people take them out right away. It's actually a decent way to hatch chickens, since they are so wet when they come out of the eggs, and they have controlled air flow to dry. The breeders know exactly when they hatch. I would NEVER keep anything in there as a cage! Evil person for suggesting it! >(
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