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U haul pads


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Jan 11, 2012
Is there a pad that they sell for really cheap that I can buy and use for floor time and in my piggy cage? I'm looking for something similar to U Haul pads, maybe a cheap matress pad or any material that absorbs well, keeps the odor down, and is washable & reusuable. It also must be durable and can't wear away too quickly. I willl have fleece on top, but if not, I will just go with the U Haul pads.

One more question, should I double layer the pads when I get them? Or will one layer be enough? I own two pigs who poop and pee ALOT! I'm desperate to get the pads because I'm currently using just newspaper, so it smells REALLY bad!! lol Thank you!
I double layer my Uhaul furniture pads in the cage. I throw the furniture pads down on an impermeable shower curtain and lay fleece on top of all of it if I need some area protected during floor time.
I use a single layer of the uhaul pad under one layer of fleece (in my cage with 2 pigs). It works well for us and lasts 7 days before it starts to smell.
Great! is it possible to cut the pad to size?
Yes, they can be cut; they are just recycled denim.
Thanks! for all the help! So I should just buy one pad and then cut it to size to fit in my 2x3 cage w/ 1x2 deck? then put the fleece on top?
Where can I purchase UHaul pads, how much are they, and can they be washed...Thanks
You can purchase Uhaul pads at any Uhaul store. Also if you go to the website it will give you locations that sell or rent some products. They might have it, but I would just save time and go to the actual store. They are $7.95. Yes they can be washed!
Thank you so much. I'll find the place closest to me and hope to purchase some this Saturday.
U Haul pads are perfect... And just an FYI, there is enough in one pad to cut two 2x3 and two 1x2 sizes... So if you want to do one layer of fleece and two layers of U Haul, you'll only need one U Haul pad, but if you wanted a back up, you'll probably need to buy an extra U Haul pad. I just switched to fleece this past weekend and have only been using 1 layer of fleece with 1 layer of U Haul pad and haven't noticed a smell or had an issue with it being soaked or anything (I have two boys who seem to pee and poop quite a lot too!)

Just thought I'd let you know in case you were wondering about how much the pad covers. Also, they shrink quite a bit when you wash them, so I'd definitely wash and dry a couple times on the U Haul pads before permanently cutting them. Wouldn't want to cut and them to shrink on you! Hope I've helped a bit!
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wat r uhaul pads??? what do they look like???
U-Haul: Moving supplies: Furniture Pad

That is a link to the U Haul pads. I ordered mine online, but have been told that sometimes certain U Haul facilities will have them on site for purchase.

And for anyone wanting to pick them up in store, say this weekend, you can search on that site for locations that have them in store. Just select the "Pick Up In Store" option and input your zip code, and it'll let you know if and where they are available.
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ditto spy9doc, also, the pads have stuff that stick up on it, imagine like lint balls or something??, and my boys would eat it if i didn't put fleece on both sides! The bonus to that, though, is that you can flip it midway through the week and have fresh and clean again. You can flip them straight over or back and forth, if that makes sense, if they tend to pee in one spot or whatever. I also am sewing pee pads from the same thing, fleece, two layers of uhaul pads, and then fleece again, to put under the hideys so i can change those more often, that really helps a lot in keeping the pad clean and dry and not smelling for longer at a time!!
I pickup my UHaul pad(s) tomorrow. There is a facility about a mile from me that sells them. I already have my fleece since that is what I currently use. I don't have a sewing machine so I will try and sew the liners by hand. I'm excited. Right now it's time to go and get Patches. I haven't held him today yet.
I use the pads as well and LOVE them. I plan on ordering some more in about a month and making whole new liners for my boys since half my liners are for girls, which I don't have any girls any more (they've all passed away). Them boys need some manly things :p
Does anyone make the liners by hand or is a sewing machine absolutely necessary.
Does anyone make the liners by hand or is a sewing machine absolutely necessary.

Anything can be sewn by hand. :) It will just take a while.
Does anyone make the liners by hand or is a sewing machine absolutely necessary.

Probably will take quite a while. I don't know if you've sewn much, but make sure and use straight pins to pin the fabric all together before you start sewing. The uhaul pads tend to stretch and move, fleece too, but not as much, and you can get WAAAAYYY off track if you're not careful. Make sure not to stretch the fleece to fit, it tends to bunch up because the stretch is stronger than the pads. I did and i had to sew some lines straight across in a few places to keep it flat. There are some good tutorials on here, i believe, or at least some links. Look at them and think it out ahead so you don't waste time and fabric, you'll thank yourself in the end. Also make sure that your pigs don't eat the pads, mine do and i had to totally encase (thank you for the word, spy9doc!) the pads in fleece so they couldn't get to it. The nice thing about that is that you can flip it over midweek and wala, fresh and new again. I've done lengthy posts about doing all this in the last few days if you'd like to look, and i have pictures of my piggie comforters in my album if you care to look. I believe that spy9doc had some good advice on making them too. Good luck!!
I haven't sewn my liners, but am really interested in doing so... We do have a sewing machine, but I am wondering if there is a special kind of needle needed to sew through all of those layers? The U Haul pads are pretty thick, so I wasn't sure of it. I'm not really very good at the whole sewing thing at all, haha.
It's probably best if I just purchase them which was my first intention. I thought if it were fairly easy, I could save some money.

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