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Fleece Turns Out I Have a Burrower


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Sep 24, 2011
Turns out Ginger's a burrower! The fleece is to small to go over the sides...what do I do?! Next weekend I am sewing together some liners that will go over the sides of her cage, so it won't be a problem after that, but what would be a temporary fix?

[GuineaPigCages.com] Turns Out I Have a Burrower

That's her lol
Is it possible you could put something heavy down in each corner or wherever she is getting under it? Like a small stone or anything heavy she couldn't chew on.
That's samrt, thank, are bricks okay?
I would think so, except maybe some small pieces since a full size one would take up too much room. Can you break one into pieces?
Actually, now that I think about it, I won't be able to get bricks between now and next week. Any other suggestions?
Binder clips somehow?
do you have any spare fleece? you could put the fleece liner down, then the spare fleece on top of that so she can burrow under the spare fleece and maybe leave the fleece liner alone?
Do you have any canned goods, like a can of soup or tuna? Take the label off but make a note of what it is for later.
I normally use clothes pegs and I put a bowl on one corner, I have a towel under the flecce.
I liked the idea of using bricks for many things but my piggieslike to bite of peices
scared they could hurt him
Rocks. Got any rocks in your backyard? That's what I wound up using.
My guinea pig is professional burrower. Nothing stops her, NOTHING! It gets really annoying, but she loves it so much. I try to put her beds and such in the corners, and then half-bricks in the corners I don't have beds and things, and she digs from the sides. Then I put a brick in on the side, with the other bricks in the corners still...she still digs it up and sleeps under the fleece. Most of my bricks are being used to keep her litter box in place and she is somehow able to move her litter box with three half bricks surrounding it, and then proceeds to poop in the corner where the litter box it supposed to be. It's a good things she's super cute and a great cuddle bug :) Haha :) just kidding...sort of :) She usually does it when I first put her fleece in, and then at the very end of the week right before I fully clean it. I just give up after a while because she loves it so much!

I think the fleece liners that go over the sides will work a lot better, but in the meantime, like people have been saying, rocks will work. Just make sure you really wash them off. I also cleaned the bricks with 50/50 vinegar and water.

Good luck :)
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