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General Tunnel help!!


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Jan 23, 2012
I bought this tunnel (link below) a few months ago and I am still not sure if this thing is "safe" or not. My guinea pigs ABSOLUTELY love it. They go crazy over it. I actually dont put up the cube anymore, I just have the long red tunnel velcro to the carpet and they literally run in circles through this red tunnel and another tunnel I have. I HATE to get rid of it unless I find a better alternative. The reason I don't feel it is safe is because they like to chew on it. There are many small holes and some have gotten a little bigger. I hate having to stop them from chewing on it in fear of them choking. Can someone ease my mind or help my find a better alternative? I would love a tunnel that is just as long but a better material. Thanks guys!


If they are chewing on it, then it would be best to get rid of it.

Perhaps you can make something similar using cardboard tunnels.
I was thinking about it. Collecting soda boxes and connecting them together. I like that I could velcro the tunnel to the carpet though. Maybe I can tape the cardboard down so when they are flying through it, it won't move all over the place! Thanks :)
i bought the same thing for our piggies...they love it also..!! We r keeping the cube on because they love to hop through it and peek their heads out. But i have noticed that they have been chewing on it too...it as holes everywhere. Our lil girl Reeses has to chew on everything...she is very curious on how everything taste..so i think she is the main one on puttin holes in it. I thought about gettin rid of the tunnel part and just keepin the cube that is attached to the small tunnel...Reeses loves to lay there because of the fleese and she likes to watch what is goin on...but still be in hiding..!! They don't seem to chew on it as bad as they do the tunnel. I made them a fleece tunnel to crawl in...they seem to love it too..!! We do the pop boxes also...also we use shoe boxes to make hidey holes for their grass and other treats. I just cut a hole on each side that is big enough for them to fit through and keep the lid on..!! they luv goin in just to see what might be inside..!!
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