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Trying to decide on bedding


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Dec 30, 2004
Hello. I am trying to get everything planned so that when I find a piggie then everything will be ready for it to come home. In saying that, I can't decide on what to use for bedding. It would be nice to hear everyone's thoughts on this in hopes to help me out.

(P.S. Please only talk about bedding in this thread. If you have other questions to ask me then do so else where please.)
I am using aspen shavings on the bottom. I tried Fleece which seems to be the most popular on this site, but I didnt care for it. I felt I was a slave to their poops, constantly vacuuming them out. It bothered me to see poop laying everywhere. At least in the shavings they sort of get hidden. But then again I live in an apt. so its not like a house where I can just pick up the fleece and fling it out by backdoor. I like the shavings, my piggies like the shavings and I use carpeting on the upper deck.
I have a hedgehog right now and I use shavings for her so it is easy to use shavings for a piggie when I get one. I want to get my piggie to sorta be litter trained so that maybe I can have shavings in one spot then carpet or something for the rest of the cage. I don't know if that would work well or not, any ideas?
Yes, you could try to litter train them, but I must warn you only half of them actually do their business in the tray. However, I tried to litter train mine but it didn't work, but they only poo and pee in one area, so I put newspaper there and change that everyday.
Okay, cool. thanks
I use aspen on the bottom(10 cubic feet for four dollars) and I cover it with a little bit of carefresh. I also line the bottom with newspaper. It works really well.
10 cubic feet for four dollars
Where do you find your Aspen at? In Ohio it's pretty expensive. For 5 cubic feet it's $10.99-$11.99
I get it at our local feed store in Illinois. It's really nice, because it's become so cheap.
I'm a new piggy owner, and I first tried strictly Carefresh bedding in the commercial cage I got as part of a starter kit. I was constantly cleaning and changing that, and man oh man that gets expensive (even in a teeny commercial cage). I switched to Aspen shavings on bottom and Carefresh on top, and that has worked really well. I feel I'm changing less often and it goes much further, especially now that she has her spacious C&C cage.

I'm making the transition to a fleece liner as soon as I can have one made (sewing-machine challenged), so we shall see how that goes.

Good luck! You'll love your new baby. :D
Aspen or kiln-dried pine are great chouces. Or something like carefresh or Yesterdays news. Remember, though, that cedar is a big no-no..it can cause respretory problems in our little critters.

As Carefresh, and Yesterdays News tend to be a bit pricey, what I did was buy a bale of litter shavings, and a bag of Carefresh (it is a great odor remover) and then I mixed some Carefresh in each time I cleaned out the cage.
I use a layer of pine pellets underneath (very absorbent) then cover that with aspen shavings. I prefer the aspen to the pine shavings.
I am a die-hard fleece fan!
Pine has oils that can be harmful if not properly kiln-dried. Remember, just because something says it's kiln dried doesn't mean that the scents are off. Use your own nose, and if it smells, air it out till it doesn't. I use a thick layer of aspen and a layer of carefresh over that. For my upper level it's the same but with newspaper underneath (makes for easier cleanup). See https://guineapigcages.com/bedding.htm.
DocDolittle said:
I get it at our local feed store in Illinois. It's really nice, because it's become so cheap.
Where are you in Illinois? Near the east side, by Missouri? I get my kiln dried pine for 6.00 for only 7.5 cubic feet!
I used kiln dried pine (smells just like aspen, any good wood shavings, so I know it's dried) for, as stated before, $6 for 7.5 cubic feet. I love it, even though it is messy. I have my pigs in a tiled room so it is easy for me. I would love to try carefresh, but it's so expensive! Have to get a job before I go there!!
No, actually, I live quite a ways away near Chicago.
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