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Medications Treating 3 boars with Advantage -

NB3 little pigs

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Jan 29, 2012

I'm treating my 3 boars for lice with Advantage. This was recommended by the vet but now I'm worried that they may lick it off one another. Is behind the ears still a good spot?

Yes, behind the ears on the little bald spots is the best.

ETA: Advantage should also work for 30 days after dosing so long as you do not wash it off. You can split the dose to half behind each ear, or all of it behind one ear.
They won't voluntarily lick it off. I imagine it doesn't taste very good.
Well, the lice will have to stay a bit longer. Just realized that the Advantage I bought today is actually Advantage Multi. According to GuineaLynx, the multi has an additive that is not safe. Hopefully the vet will let me return it. The pet store has a product called Zodiac. Has anyone ever used it? I take pet-store advice with a grain of salt but they say its comparable to Advantage. Any thoughts?
OK, I drove to the vet hoping to exchange my Advantage Multi but that was just too simple! It seems that the Advantage that I need is regulated in Canada and can only be sold by the box. (4 times what I need). However, we did some chatting and found out that the regulation doesn't apply if the med is administered there. Sooooo, I drove back home, packed up the piggies and drove back to the vet. In ten minutes we were back in the car headed home. All three are scratching now so hopefully, the meds don't take too long to start working!
Speaking of... Is it okay to give Advantage to GP's as preventative care? I just figure, you can do it for dogs as preventative... Just curious...
Its been a week now and all the scratching has stopped. Yeah Advantage!
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