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Vet traumatized!!!!!


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Mar 5, 2012
Sooooooooo thankfully Bailey and lucky have no mites, and according to the check up are VERY healthy. With that said my husban decided to come with and was traumatized.it took ALL of him to not flip putt on this vet.she is an exotic vet , but terribly rude she said,no, she yelled the while time abbot how it was irresponsible to keep to male Guinea pigs together.how” when I call a Saturday night crying hysterically because I found lucky dead I'll remember what she said” that they may not fight now but to be sure eventually one will kill the other. She also wanted to prove there was abuse by pointing out lucky's ears,, but what she didn't know was that he actually war being bullied by his cage mate in the store which is WHY I bought him, hence the name LUCKY. so anywho she then said they are not herd animals they are loners? And that lety alone boars if anything are NOT to be housed together.she then implied that they don't do it infront of me but they do fight when i'm not looking . And that they eould need a whole room to MAYBE BE able to live together.my husband was livid 1 cuz she was talking to me or better yet yelling and 2 because my 4yr old daughter was with us.og then I told her listen they don't fight Bailey is dominant one.and I've seen boars who didn't like eachother.they literarily fought before I can Finnish saying that she started singing LA LA LA LA LA AAAA ??? Ok so here is my thing now i'm like omg should I just septate them? Are they not supposed to live together I have then in a2x4 with aa loft that is 2x2..... What do you guys think ?,my husband refuses to go back to her. I see so of you guys wit paired boars and sows I DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!
Hmmm lots of ppl do house boars together. If they are fighting they may need to be seperated...there is a user on here who recently seperated her boars because one was fighting. I doubt they would kill eachother, esp if there is no female to compete over. And yes, they ARE herd animals. I would find another vet and get a second opnion. Pigs do tug on eachother's ears...even females do it.
OH my goodness! I am nowhere near a piggie expert, but I have read so much on the internet about them and according to everything I've read, it is better for them NOT to be alone if possible. There is a chance that boars can fight continually, but it is entirely dependent on the pigs themselves. My two boys are 3-4 months old and so far live happily together.

Beyond that, this vet sounds very unprofessional and absolutely ridiculous in her actions toward you. I would NOT continue using her. I would seek out someone who actually cares what her customers think. You are paying HER to work for YOU. If someone can act like that toward her customers, I would be scared to see how she might act toward the animals when no one is looking. There are kind people out there who like their jobs and can nicely correct you if that is necessary. Good luck!
I would find a new vet if I were you. Boars can live together peacefully.
Boars live just fine together!!! A ton of people have multiple boar set ups. The one thing I've seen is only one neutered boar per female set up. But otherwise, they're fine if they're not drawing blood. Mine are boars, going through adolescence and rumble strut a bit but get along great :)
Where do you live? I think I'd report her.... That part about the "la la la la is" way over the top....
Wow. How much more unprofessional can she get? I hope you didn't pay her...

Aside from that. I have 4 unrelated intact happy boars living together peacefully.
I have 4 male pigs who are paired up in two's. After 3 week quarantine I'm even going to try putting them all together.

Your vet sounds a bit bonkers. I've also gotten bad info from a "pocket pet expert" vet that I *used* to go to.

I'm a bit confused at how ignorant or rude vets even exist. To me, someone becomes a vet because they want to help animals.(Right?) This would require them to dig up research not necessarily taught to them and have compassion. Isn't there some type of passion you have to have to go into this line of work in the first place?

A vet who doesn't continually strive to learn about the animals they claim to be experts on makes as much sense as a teacher who hates children.
I'm sorry you had to experince that. When going to any vet/dr/lawyer/mechanic, I always remind myself that somebody is always in the bottom of their graduating class! I have 4 unrelated boars and they are are paired up according to their personality. I had all 4 boys together and there was some fighting but I think it was more because of the cage size. Boys do need more space in order to live together. I have a 8x7 grid cage divided down the middle(2 boars on each side). By no means, am I saying that you need to expand your cage. We just happen to have the room for it. All 4 boys are able to socialize with each other and appear to be enjoying their lives. I think it's hard to live with one another 24/7 regardless if your a piggy or a person! Keep in mind that if you have young boars living together you may need to seperate them for a while when the go through puberty if they draw blood or one is losing weight because they are being kept from the food. Good luck with your boys!
That's insane! Sorry you had to put up with that nonsense, but it's a good thing you saw that vet's true colors before you ever had an emergency.

Just because a person is a vet doesn't automatically make them a cavy expert. In my research as a new piggy owner, I've visited many websites and the misinformation on supposed veterinarian-run sites has made me cringe (worse was recommending exercise balls and wheels for guinea pig...uh, big fat no on that one!).
Yea thanks guys,I def will NOT be going back over there.I was so turned off.but I will be calling different vets in search for the best one!!! I tell ya , you have got to see things to believe them smh
Boars live just fine together!!! A ton of people have multiple boar set ups. The one thing I've seen is only one neutered boar per female set up. But otherwise, they're fine if they're not drawing blood. Mine are boars, going through adolescence and rumble strut a bit but get along great :)

like one one bore and multiple females are two pigs just female and bores?
What part of PA are you in, geo13? There should be good exotic vets in all the sizeable cities.
Your vet is wrong, plain and simple. Medical knowledge does not mean she's a behavioral expert (or even competent in animal behavior). Moreover, she's obnoxious and unprofessional. I'd find someone else.

I've had our boars together for years, and they'd be miserable without each other.
like one one bore and multiple females are two pigs just female and bores?

Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here. But I've read that you should not have 2 neutered boars in a cage with females. Either cage females and boars separate or multiple females with only one boar (even neutered boars will fight over the females)...but with no females in the cage, there shouldn't be a problem if their personalities work.
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