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training them?


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May 7, 2005
how on EARTH would you train a gp where it can go to the bathroom and where it cant? ive heard people saying, "and my gp isnt allowed to go to the bathroom on the loft" and things like this. please help! :D
Well if your using fleece or towels as bedding you can train them to go pee in a litter box be putting it were the like to go and by putting some soiled bedding in the litterbox,but the guineas will still poop everywhere. i dont think you can really train gps to where you want to .
ok, heh heh thanks
no problem....lol
You can get them to pee in the litterbox about 80% of the time. They will poo everywhere, though, there is no stopping that.
Slap, maybe I have a unique piggy but mine only poos in 2 corners of her cage. Unfortunatly though, one of those corners is where her hay is.
Your lucky. Mine tend to pee along the sides, but there is poo EVERYWHERE! With five piggies it accumulates.
I have had to start putting down multiple layers because they were pulling up the fleece and pooing on the coroplast!
I have trained my guinea pig to go to the bathroom in a litter box, so you can stop them from pooping and peeing all over. Some guinea pigs can be trained to but some just can't.
I've trained my girls to pee in the litter box and for about half the time they poo in there too. My boar is a little slower though, but I think he's getting the idea with his pee.

The only problem I have now is that with the loft tempoarily closed off to the girls I only have one litter box for them ( I think 2 would take up too much floor space) so if one is using it or sleeping in it and the other needs to use it they make not "make it" while waiting in "line" :)
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