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Toys for a picky pig


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Feb 13, 2012
Hey all. I have a guinea pig who is very particular about toys. None of the toys my other pigs like seem to peak his interests at all. So far I've tried the little twig balls (without the nut in the center), toilet paper tubes, an empty flower pot for hiding, a mirror sitting outside the cage, and one of those dangly skewers that hang from above. He hasn't touched any of them, and when he's outside the cage playing, he doesn't seem interested in them either. Any suggestions for picky pigs?
I have the same problem, anxious to see peoples ideas
Paper bag filled with hay is a favorite. We also cut the ends off of 12-pack boxes of canned soda and make a piggy maze. We loosely ball up some newspaper (soy ink) and make a very loose pile of 4-5 of them and they dive in and toss them around. Picckalo likes to push stuff around. I can't explain why, maybe because he's blind the other stuff isn't as appealing, but he likes to push piggy furniture, bags of pellets, etc. Nothing too big.

I've noticed a few times when I've fallen asleep out in the family room by their pens, and it is early morning, that they are playing with the toys and racing each other. We just don't see it much because I try not to be awake at 4 a.m. I think they like to be mysterious!
Paper bag filled with hay is a favorite.

Number 1 in my house. I also fill one of those plastic cat balls that I put pellets in. The pigs love to nose them around the cage and eat the pellets as they fall out of the holes.
@SurfingPigs, I'll have to try the cat ball w/ pellets for Picckalo -- might fit in with his odd need to push stuff. I love when they start popcorning inside the bags!
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