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Conditions Touchy about stomach?


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Feb 26, 2012
Lately Harmony has been very upset about me touching her stomach. Every time I reach under her to pick her up, she squeals like I'm killing her and kind of sticks her foot in the air. She's been doing it for a while, but I haven't thought much of it since other then that she's perfectly fine. She's eating fine, drinking fine, other then that she's in a perfectly lovely mood. I haven't been giving her much holding time, just once a week after cage cleaning, because I found the more I don't push it, the better it gets. She still loves being petting and will purr and cuddle up if I pet her, and if I do get her on my lap, she's happy, that is until I have to pick her up and put her back. Should I be worried? Take her to the vet?
Hello? I don't mean to be the annoying person who constantly bumps their own threads, but it's been two days and still no answers.
How is her urine? If it's gritty or white, she may have bladder stones. If not, maybe she's just sensitive there. Any chance she's pregnant? If not, then I really don't know what it could be. Use the "elevator" method for lifting-scoot her in a tunnel or a box witht he end open, cup your hand over the open part, and lift her out of her cage. Transition to the play area, floor, or your lap. Some piggies really just don't like being lifted.
Her urine is completely usual, not whiteness or grittiness at all.
I'm pretty sure there's absolutely NO chance she's pregnant. She's been pregnant before, and acted completely different. She was around her son, but that was seven months ago, and before he was sexually active. And she's caged with her daughter, who was sexed at home, but if she was a boy, she would have impregnated Harmony by now, and she would have already given birth. Thanks for the advice!
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