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Tootsie and Toffee


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Sep 23, 2020
I would have added this to my original intro thread, but its too old to edit.

GUYSSSS My dad just got two new rescue pigs They are sooo cuteeeeeee!!! They are both girls, and I named them Tootsie and Toffee. They are sisters just over a year old. I LOVE THEMMMM
So cute! What breed are they?:love:
American crested! Tootsie has a racing stripe! SOOO COOOOL
That's cool! My piggy is prolly a mix of a Abyssinian and a American crested, IDK!lol
Awww I bet they’re ADORABLE! Do you have any photos?

These two photos are my girls, Lily and Cindy.


613E116A-1EB0-4EB5-855D-63D1F6145542.jpg D45C5E9A-1680-44AD-9539-79A81710AAE7.jpg
How do you insert pictures?
There is an insert image button three from the right.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Tootsie and ToffeeThis is Tootsie.
Aww! She's so cute! I love that color!
Adorable! She looks like my Rosie!
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