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Introductions Today is the day!


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Aug 17, 2011
I brought George home from the shelter 1 day short of 3 weeks ago. He's healthy as a horse so we are going to do introductions today! I'm going to put fresh fleece down and then we are going to see what happens! He will probably meet his new friends (hopefully;)) in a couple of hours! Wish us luck!


I know some chattering, humping, etc is normal. But would it be best to just leave them be unless it gets serious (biting, blood drawn, etc)? Frank and Charlie are pretty easy going pigs and George came from a family of 5 pigs (he and his cage mate had 3 babies before being dropped at the shelter).
I would keep an eye on them but as long as no blood is drawn yes I think it is ok to leave them be, sounds like the introductions went well.
Have a camera handy. I'd love to see some photos or video of the introduction.
Will do pinky! I've got the new set of fleece in the wash right now and once it's dry I'll clean the cage and do the intro!
Leave them alone unless there's blood involved.

And if you haven't already done so, read Guinea Pigs Social Life. The Introductions section is about halfway down.
Introductions should be in a neutral space, not in the cage that one of the pigs is already living in, even if it has been wiped down.
I introduced them in the bath tub and they acted like they were long lost friends! I watched them for a few minutes and then let a family member take over supervision while I changed the fleece in the cage. I also changed out the hidey houses in the cage and put in a new tunnel. After about 20 minutes (supervised) in the bathtub they were all huddled up together. I got them out and put them in the cage with a head of romaine lettuce and they had a piggy picnic! There was one moment when Charlie rumbled a bit and chased George around but that quickly ended. I've got a video of them in their cage that I will post once i get it uploaded! I'm sitting and watching them now and they seem to be getting along! I'm a happy piggy mommy!
Awesome news, congrats on the successful intro!
Congratulations on having such a wonderful introduction between the two! I'm so happy for both you and your piggies!
Here the video I got of George's first few minutes with Frank and Charlie in their cage! I think they are going to be buddies! This is a short snip from the video (the whole thing was about 10 minutes but I couldn't get it to upload!) It's actually pretty funny. The pigs were munching on lettuce happily when I sneeze and scared them to death. Charlie is the fat caramel and white one, Frank is dark brown and white, and George is brown and white with a black head. [video=youtube_share;BrNVYAb5ai4]
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